Know Everything About Generative AI's Applications In Marketing - 2023

Know Everything About Generative AI's Applications In Marketing - 2023

Abhinayaa Nachimuthu | 6 Min Read

Generative AI is the trending AI technology that has left its footprint in various domains, such as healthcare, education, travel, marketing, media, fashion, and agriculture. It has introduced new job opportunities worldwide.

What exactly is generative AI?

Generative AI is programmed on complex structures and data. We can access the AI by just prompting, which outputs as long-form text. It’s just as simple as that.

The input can be anything like text, music audio, or AI voice generator; the output is generated.

The chat session generates new and valuable insights using advanced neural network technology.

Are you curious to know how far Generative AI has come? Please Join me.

1950s - Markov chain model that creates new data

2014 - Birth of Generative Adversarial Network

2016 - Generative AI Audio

2017 - NVIDIA introduced the Gen AI image concept

2019,2020 - Open AI’s GPT Models

2022 - Open AI’s Dall-e & ChatGPT

2023 - ChatGPT-4

Okay !! Let me show you a glimpse of Generative AI tools available in the market:

You are probably here because you want to educate yourself about the latest marketing benefits to apply in your business to improve sales and revenue.

“Because marketing is a work of innovation, creation and repetition”.

Let me not waste your time learning because that’s what Generative AI does. It minimizes your marketing work by reducing efficiency, cost and time.

Here are the applications of Generative AI:

  • Content Creation
  • Surveys and FAQs
  • Suggest keywords for SEO
  • Suggest business names
  • Generate Images
  • Assist with editing and proofreading
  • Video creation
  • Ad copies for advertising
  • Topic Research
  • Chatbots
  • Sentiment Analysis

  1. Content Creation:

Generative AI has evolved as a significant game-changer in content creation. It helps to create high-quality content for blogs, articles, newsletters, and emails.

Content creation is one application that receives the best benefits from AI. After pitching a title based on the trend, it helps you to brainstorm different ideas.

Usually, writers feel frustrated when they run out of words, called writer’s block. It acts as a writer’s assistant and loads new ideas during that time.

A typical human’s happiness matches no boundaries when treated well and pampered. To implement it as a marketing tactic, marketers began to work on customizing unique content for each individual. It became a successful strategy as it takes you one step closer to your customer.

But, writing content for each person feels overwhelming when it is vast in number. As a result, we can use AI and get our work done by writing prompts and getting perfectly tailored content.

Example: Check out Content.ai

  1. Surveys and FAQs:

Generative AI can assist in preparing questionnaires for customer feedback in a specific niche, helping to improve products and services. Additionally, it can enhance the tone of existing QAs, making them more effective in gathering valuable insights.

Gathering feedback and improving outcomes is crucial for building good products that meet customer needs and expectations.

Example: Try Gozenforms


  1. Suggest Keywords for SEO:

Keywords are the pillars for any content on the search engine to reach the exact audience. Choosing the right keywords with all the metrics for the topic is necessary. There are many keyword tools available in the market.

However, generative AI tools make keyword research much more straightforward by generating a compiling and convincing set of keywords by inspecting all the metrics like search volume competition for the blog title.

Example: Semrush

  1. Suggest business names:

Naming your business is very important as it reflects your brand’s purpose. A brand’s name has specific rules to follow, like it should be simple, unique and catchy for people to pronounce and remember.

Choosing a brand name has recently become more profound as enormous businesses and domains evolve. Generative AI tools can solve this concern with their tools.

Example: Squadhelp


  1. Generate Images:

Humans are attracted to visual content rather than written content. So, only designing and artwork are on the higher end, and it is also creative and time-consuming.

For instance, when you first enter a website, you notice the UI/UX designs. If the designs are eye-catching, you desire to explore further. The birth of generative AI has positively impacted design work.

Mostly, the tools frame us images based on the phrases we give. There are many tools available in the market. Kindly explore and get their assistance to create unwavering designs for your business.

Example: Midjourney

  1. Assist with editing and proofreading:

A blog post requires editing and proofreading to publish. It helps to improve overall content quality, maintain consistency from top to bottom of the article, and make a professional look to reach the correct audience.

In tools like chatgpt, we can use the proper prompts and get perfectly structured articles.

Example: Scribe media

  1. Video Creation:

In today’s marketing landscape, video content has proven to be the most effective tool for educating people about products. As such, we create videos to inform people about our offerings.

Our website visitors have shown significant interest in the videos we share on various social media platforms. They are highly motivated to acquire more knowledge on the subject matter. The emergence of generative AI technology has also significantly impacted this market.

Example: Synthesia

  1. Ad copies for advertising:

AI helps in generating content for ad copy in advertising. Using the tool’s assistance, We can quickly correct the error, regenerate for optimization and measure the ad’s performance.

Example: Ad Creative

  1. Topic Research:

Marketers must have detailed knowledge of all the latest viral topics related to their industry. A lot of research goes behind the stage to market a product. Researching may seem frustrating as we must search for different sources and gather the content.

As tools make human work easier, Generative AI tools are available in the market, providing a bulk amount of source files to the desired outline.

Example: Research Rabbit

  1. Chatbots:

Chatbots that utilize AI technology can serve various marketing goals. It serves as a 24/7 customer support staff giving on-spot responses to the customers satisfying their queries, which gathers basic lead-generating information needed for marketing.

Chatbots offer hospitality to customers, treating them well and turning them into customers. It acts as a potential marketer to drive an audience and generate sales and revenue for the company.


Example: AI-powered chatbots.

  1. Sentiment Analysis:

Analyse sentiment based on the tone and context of the content. Useful for business analysis, like knowing people’s minds about our product. Whether positive or negative, it helps to improve overall business and marketing tactics.


Example: Social searcher


Generative AI is here to stay. As marketers continue to adapt and leverage this technology, keeping sight of the human touch that underpins every successful marketing endeavour is essential.

The journey ahead is promising, and the canvas of Generative AI is waiting for marketers to paint their visions of tomorrow.


  1. Does generative AI replace human marketers?

No, AI is more like your sidekick. It helps you brainstorm catchy phrases and funky visuals to focus on the big picture. You’re the creative genius; AI is just your artsy tool.

  1. Is generative AI cost-effective for marketing campaigns?

Of course, yes! The AI tool’s cost is much on the saving side compared to the resources required to perform the wholesome marketing work.

  1. How quickly is the field of generative AI in marketing evolving?

As AI technology improves, so do its applications in marketing. New techniques and models are being developed, leading to more sophisticated and creative marketing work.

  1. Can AI make a jingle for my brand?

Absolutely! Just give AI some information about your brand’s vibe, and it’ll whip up a jingle that’ll either have you tapping your feet or laughing out loud. Hey, even AI’s got a sense of humour.

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Know Everything About Generative AI's Applications In Marketing - 2023

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Organically with GoZen's AI-powered Organic growth platforms. Generate Original & engaging AI content. Turn your traffic into leads. Understand customers. Automate your revenue generation.

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