email marketing and marketing automationautomated email marketing campaigns
email marketing and marketing automationautomated email marketing campaigns

Product Feature Updates

February 2023



This helps you generate content Ideas, play with prompts, do topic research, and write stories and even funny social media captions for your LinkedIn post. Go wild with your imagination here.


This helps you copy and paste Complex content of any length. Select the size of the summarizing. And get the neatly summarised and simplified content in seconds.


Campaign analytics

This helps you analyze the particular campaign's data. E.g., Number of Views in the campaign, Total clicks and responses.

Site analytics

This helps you analyze each website's campaign data and Insights. E.g., The number of campaigns being run on each site, Its performance, Total responses, Which page within a site performed well, etc. 

Note, You can add several websites in Optinly.

January 2023


Keyword Ideas

This helps you quickly find the perfect keyword that enables you to rank in the search engine.

Team Feature

This helps you create workspaces, Invite team members, and Give specific access to writing, editing, reviewing, etc. Everything you need to collaborate, work and succeed.


UTM Tracking code

This helps you create UTM(Urchin Tracking Module) tracking code, Paste it into your form's URL and start tracking your campaign's performance.


Push Notification Campaign

This helps you to send push notifications to your subscribers, Only if they allow it in the first place.

December 2022


AI grammar checker

This helps you turn your messy writing into a perfect piece, ready to publish.


Custom form theme

This helps you edit your forms to your brand's feel and personality. Also, Save and reuse them later.

Lead score

This helps you give scores to your audience based on their response. You can assign different scores to different answers.


This helps you notify your audience whenever the forms are submitted.

Custom variable

This helps you display perfect scores for each section your audience has responded to in tests and surveys. Allows you to calculate flawless financial details of your customer. You can even send personalized coupon codes/offers to your leads and customers.

October 2022


Landing page generater

This helps you generate high-quality and persuasive landing copy in seconds.

Email Generater

This helps you create engaging email subject lines and copies with a finger flick!


Custom form layout

This helps you shape forms in your way. Display one question at a time. Show all of them as a list. Or, Mix them both.


This will help you collect E-signature inside the form.

Limit Response

This helps you limit the number of responses your forms can collect.

September 2022


Multilangual Generator

This helps you turn your content into multiple languages.

Chrome extension

Using Content Ai's Chrome extensions enables you to generate content anywhere on the internet.


Hidden Fields

This helps you to show your respondents' names in the form. And track where your audience is coming from to fill out your forms.

NPS (Net Promoter Score)

This helps you do the Net promoter score survey to find people's emotions towards your business and brand.

Custom Message

This helps you to customize the form messages to your brand's voice and tone. You can customize the button text, error message, loading message and more.

Picture Choice

This helps you to keep images as the options in the multiple-choice questions and more.


This helps you to display messages in forms other than questions and answers, E.g., Thank you pages or If you want to say any information before your audience starts filling up forms.


Woo Commerce Integration

Connect GoZen forms with your Woo-Commerce store and Send the leads and data your forms collected to your store with just one click.

Suppose you are looking to automate this process. You can use the Zapier extension and automatically transfer the form data to your Woo-Commerce store without trouble.

August 2022


AI Image generator

This helps you create breath-taking AI images easily.

Blog Generator

This helps you generate in-depth and plagiarism-free blogs in a few minutes.


Responsidve forms

This helps your online forms and surveys look good on any device. That means you won't see beautiful forms on your Laptop screen and crappy forms on your phone screen.

Skip Logic

This helps you ask relevant questions based on the audience's response.

Share Forms

Shareability made easy-peasy. Quickly generate a QR code, Copy the link, Get the embed code, and share to the platforms your audience spends time within a single place.


Analyzing the Insights can't be this easy. Get to see your audience's complete activity inside your forms. Know where they come from, Which device they use, how many questions were answered or skipped, and the responses they've shared with your business.


This helps you to connect GoZen forms to external apps. Allowing you to send the responses to your desired app-Like Hubspot CRM-and power up your marketing and sales process.


Shopify Integration

Connect GoZen forms with your Shopify store. Send the leads and data your forms collected to your store with just one click. 

Suppose you are looking to automate this process. You can use the Zapier extension and automatically transfer the form data to your Shopify store without trouble.

email marketing and marketing automationautomated email marketing campaigns
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