5 SEO Lead Generation Points To Drive Your Business

5 SEO Lead Generation Points To Drive Your Business

Abhinayaa Nachimuthu | 5 Min Read

Every entrepreneur and marketer wants to attract quality leads and improve the conversion rate. One of the most powerful ways to achieve this goal is search engine optimization (SEO).

What is SEO lead generation?

SEO helps business websites appear higher in search results for relevant queries. They become more noticeable when people search for products/services like yours. These people are already interested in what you offer. Thus, SEO drives quality leads to your website. We call this process SEO lead generation.

Let’s discuss the most effective techniques of SEO lead generation to achieve your main business goals.

How SEO Helps With Lead Generation

Firstly, SEO for lead generation allows you to increase the online visibility of your website. The higher the position in the search engine results, the more potential clients can visit your pages.

It also helps get targeted traffic. SEO attracts interested visitors to your website if you have optimized it for proper search queries.

The next benefit is in increasing sales of goods/services and increasing return on investment (ROI). Thanks to SEO, sales grow without additional advertising costs in the long term.

The vital task of SEO is also to increase the website’s usability and convenience for users and search engine bots. This will positively affect rankings, behavioral metrics, and the website’s conversion rate.

All this means that SEO is an important promotion channel that provides a business with a stable flow of customers for a long time.

5 Points Of Using SEO For Lead Generation

Now, let’s discuss SEO lead-generation techniques to help your business thrive.

Conduct Keyword Research

Keyword research is the cornerstone practice in SEO lead generation strategy, as it serves as the base for outlining further steps for the entire strategy. Businesses gather keywords relevant to their domain and products, analyze them, and outline what topics to cover and how to use these keywords across the website to create useful content for potential clients.

Google Keyword Planner, SE Ranking, and other keyword research services collect and systematize keywords and search phrases. You can also analyze proposed queries and, of course, study competitors. Your task is to select relevant, popular queries that your customers use. Also, it is important to consider seasonality, geography, and other factors that may affect the relevance of certain search queries.

Perform Website Audit

At this stage, ensure your website meets the requirements of search engines and provides a good user experience. You need to check:

  • Loading speed

  • Design adaptability

  • Correct filling of meta tags

  • Robots.txt files

  • Sitemap.xml files, etc.

  • Some checks are done manually. For others, you can use special services like Google PageSpeed Insights, Google Mobile-Friendly Test, and SE Ranking.

    SE Ranking SEO Audit is advanced software that meticulously scans your website to identify technical problems that could impede search engine bots from crawling and indexing your pages (e.g., broken links, pages blocked from indexing, issues with security, loading speed, etc.).

    However, not all website issues carry the same weight, and the website audit tool helps you group and prioritize found errors based on their severity and impact on SEO. This lets you tackle the most critical issues first, ensuring a more efficient optimization process. Moreover, the tool provides hints and guidelines on why they occur and how to fix them.

    SE Ranking shows all the website issues

    Even a new site can contain many technical errors and defects, especially if it has not undergone preliminary optimization. Eliminating technical defects will improve performance and ensure normal indexing and ranking.

    Create Content For Search Intent

    High-quality, unique, optimized content is one of the main SEO lead generation strategies. Content directly affects a site’s search ranking, behavioral factors, and a company’s credibility. Of course, the basic principles of creating SEO content are still relevant. But today, it is important to create content primarily for people, not for search engine robots.

    Examples of content for informational intent

    Understanding the search intent ensures your content meets the expectations of your audience. There are 4 main types of search intent:

    1. Informational intent. Users are looking for information or answers to their questions. Blog posts, how-to guides, and informational articles are perfect for targeting keywords with informational intent.

    2. Navigational intent. Users want to find a specific website or page. Content like landing pages and homepages are appropriate for these keywords.

    3. Commercial intent. Users are considering a purchase and researching their options. Product comparisons, reviews, and detailed product pages work well for keywords with commercial intent.

    4. Transactional intent. Users are ready to make a purchase or complete a specific action. Product pages and sales landing pages target these keywords.

    By aligning your content with the correct search intent, you can satisfy user needs and drive relevant traffic to your site, significantly improving your lead generation process.

    Local SEO

    Local SEO is a lead generation strategy that enhances the appearance of a business in Google search results. According to Marketix, 88% of consumers who search locally on their mobile device visit or call a store within 24 hours.

    Any company that has offline stores or serves people in a particular area should take advantage of local SEO. Google has updated its algorithm to calculate the distance of each business from the consumer’s location. It shows the nearest businesses to the user.

    local SEO example

    The strategy for local promotion can become a means of fighting with competitors. When you search Google for business-related keywords, a map with the three most popular listings — known as a Google Map Pack — appears under the query string. If your company is in the top 3, your competition will be less fierce.

    Master the Art of CTAs

    Imagine you have made a landing page, developed a modern design, described the benefits of the product or service, and posted reviews of the product. In other words, you created a stylish, informative website. But there is one “but” — you forgot to add a call-to-action. The conversion rate will be lower. Sales funnels comprise 4 basic steps: attention, interest, need, and action. Without the fourth step, the purchase may not take place.

    CTA example

    A call to action performs different functions on a website:

  • It attracts attention. Call-to-action is prominent and highlighted with color and animation so that users cling to it with their eyes.

  • It simplifies navigation. The CTA element serves as a kind of pointer for visitors, telling them what to do and where to click. For example, the buttons “buy now,” “create a personal account,” and “learn more” redirect users to the sections of the website they are interested in.

  • It motivates people to act. Call-to-action encourages people to do something and explains why they need it: to get a discount, to buy a product, or to find out information.

  • Competent CTAs turn simple visitors into active users or clients of the company. They increase the site’s conversion rate and reduce the bounce rate.

    Bonus Point: Update Blog Consistently

    A blog must be updated regularly. The more often, the better — within adequate timeframes, of course; this is not Twitter, after all. Fresh, regular, and well-researched content can collect a stable audience for your blog. This way, the blog will not just be a part of the menu of your website.

    Updating the blog is vital not only for promotion but also for the successful existence of the website:

  • The more articles you publish, the more different topics you raise, and the more visitors search engines will bring to you. After all, the more diverse your articles are, the more search queries they meet, right? So, write, write, write.

  • When you post fresh articles regularly, your visitors become more interested. They follow the updates, look at your email newsletter, and subscribe to it, becoming regular readers. This means your blog will have a regular audience!

  • Regularly updated websites are indexed faster by search engines. With an updated blog, you will constantly attract the attention of search robots.

  • The fresh insights you provide in your posts can also be a source of organic backlinks. People tend to share valuable information, so think about posting research articles, infographics, etc.

  • As we see, the updated blog is also one of the SEO lead generation techniques. Besides, you can take advantage of creating content for external resources, thus building more links to your pages and bringing more referral traffic that can convert into leads.


    Website promotion in search engines is far from the fastest process. Do not expect instant results. Only a diligent, comprehensive approach will allow you to reach the top positions in search engines and hold them, leaving your competitors behind. Here are 5 SEO lead generation points you need to consider to drive your business:

  • Keyword research

  • Website audit

  • Content for specific search intents

  • Local SEO

  • Effective CTAs

  • We also recommend you update your blog consistently and build backlinks to your content. Altogether, these points will help you generate leads through SEO.

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    5 SEO Lead Generation Points To Drive Your Business

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