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Frame Meet Schedules

In less than 2 minutes, you can create and share an all-device optimized scheduling page with your invitees or team.

Frame Meet Schedules

One-on-One Hosting

Generate a shareable event link for individual invitees.

Multi-Invitee Hosting

Can host multiple Invitees of up to 10,000 under one event link.

Set Location

Choose meeting location: in-person, phone, Gmeet, or custom.

Event Description

Summarize the event description; it gives a sneak peek into the dashboard.

Event Color

Pick a color from the palette and show differentiation for each booking slot.

Availability Customization

Customize time slots based on your availability and set flexible campaigns prioritizing work-life balance.

Availability Customization

Flexible Campaigns

Let's set campaign date ranges for specific promotions or events.

Event Duration

Users can set event/campaign duration from minutes to hours.

Time Zone Compatibility

Adjust event slots for different time zones, ensuring clear communication.

Date overrides

Reschedule your existing time slots for a specific date or time.

Buffer Timings

Allocate a dedicated period before/after the event for a hassle-free session.

Seamless Workflow Automation

Use pre-built workflows to send email alerts for scheduled events, creating a polished end-to-end experience and reducing no-shows.

Seamless Workflow Automation

Confirmation Emails

Automatically send confirmation emails upon successful booking, including event details and necessary instructions.

Reminder Emails

Set up automatic text and email reminders for attendees before the scheduled event to minimize no-shows.


Embrace the future of sales management with the power of automation – it's time to put your sales on autopilot and focus on what truly matters.



Choose from the palette of unique templates for an alluring booking page.


Choose from various color schemes and layouts to customize your booking page.

Confirmation Page

Redirect invitees to a custom thank you page using automatic or manual click options.

Confirmation Page

Message Customization

Customize the message displayed on the thank you page according to a specific event or purpose.

Custom Redirect URL

Hosts can now specify a custom URL to which invitees will be redirected after scheduling an event.

Automatic Redirect

Invitees can be automatically redirected to a designated page upon event scheduling.

Scheduling Pages

Manage events with ease! View, filter, export, and share scheduled pages via links or QR codes to increase bookings, meetings, and appointments.

Scheduling Pages

Calendar View

Allows to see events in a traditional calendar format, making it easy to visualize their schedule at a glance.

Event Filtering

You can easily view the events by filters based on date range, event type, or attendee criteria.

Email Export

Invitee email IDs can be exported to use in external communication tools or for record-keeping purposes.

Link Sharing

Unique links can be generated for scheduled events, making sharing on email and social media easy.

Management Toolkit

You can gain ultimate control over your schedules through several management options to achieve better accuracy.

Management Toolkit

Event Editing

Allows users to easily edit event details such as date, time, location, description, and other information.

Event Cloning

Enable users to duplicate existing events, saving time and effort when creating similar or recurring appointments.

Event Deletion

Hosts can delete events permanently or move them to trash for potential future recovery.

Event Archiving

Archive completed or no longer relevant events, keeping the schedule clutter-free while retaining access to historical data.

Branding & Integrations

Sync calendars and apps. Display your logo on scheduling pages to boost your brand and build trust.

Branding & Integrations

Calendar Sync

Allows users to synchronize their meetings with applications such as Google Calendar and Outlook.

App Integration

Integrate with video conferencing tools like Gmeet, Zoom, and Teams from the scheduling platform.

Automated Data Transfer

Transfer data from the scheduling platform to integrated apps, reducing manual data entry.

Customizable Branding

Enable users to customize meet pages with brand logos to enhance visibility and provide a consistent brand experience.

Insightful Analytics

Track and analyze meetings to optimize productivity.

Insightful Analytics

Visualization Tools

Offer data visualization tools like charts and graphs to present analytics in an easy-to-understand format.

Trending Slots

Analyze preferred meeting slots among attendees to make them often available for future bookings.

Meeting Metrics

Track meeting metrics to measure effectiveness, interaction levels, and feedback.

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