What is Email Personalization? A Guide With Examples

What is Email Personalization? A Guide With Examples

Hamsadvani Senthilkumar | 6 Min Read

Before entering into the topic, let’s do a small activity to make you understand how the touch of personalization attracts users.

Open your Gmail! I know there will be an ocean of new promotional emails, newsletters, etc., in your inbox. Your eyes will get drawn to two or three specific emails among these emails. Open those emails and view them from the marketers’ perspective to understand the elements that attracted you.

That’s it! You found the catchy and personalized elements, which provoked you to give attention. To put it simply, this is how personalization works.

In this article, I will discuss how personalization works and its purpose, with multiple examples for your easy understanding.

Read it till the end to equip yourself to create flawless personalized Email Campaigns.

How Does Email Personalization Work?

This helps send the relevant emails with the voluntary information collected from the subscribers through email newsletters and monitoring subscribers on different media platforms.

Email Campaign differs based upon the information you use to personalize. Personalization is a vast term; it doesn’t represent adding only the subscriber’s first name in the mail. Even if you send it in bulk, it consists of customized data points like custom fields, dynamic content, etc.

Have you heard 72% of customers reported that they only engage with personalized messaging? Incorporating this strategy more smartly helps in increasing your open rates and click-through rates, and it also shows the higher impact on revenue generation.

With these facts, we can understand how essential Email Personalization is. Let’s keep digging into this topic to know about the purpose of personalization.

Purpose Of Personalization

Now you know how personalization works, but you need to understand why reaching out to your subscribers with personalized content and email is necessary?. Let’s discuss the practical factors of personalization.

Increases Relevancy

When you acquire different kinds of data of your subscribers by detailed research from multiple platforms, It will be easy to plan an Email Campaign.

Because from the information, you can understand your user’s behavior, gender, name, and location from which you can develop personalized and relevant content.

Relevancy in personalization can increase with the perfect source of data.

Enhance Visibility

You plan to send when you personalize your subject line and content related to buying preference and special offers in your newsletter. Obviously, it will resonate with the targeted users, making them open. It’s the first win for your brand.

The next challenge is to increase your click-through rate. You can achieve this by including a clear and personalized Call to Action to close the deal.

Personalization role in the subject line and Call to Action are ways to enhance visibility.

Increases Revenue

ROI of your business can increase by 5-15% if you leverage personalization in your email marketing strategies.

Establish Relationships

Among those junk emails, an email with relevant and researched information will help you build deep connections with your users, leading to a healthy, trusted relationship. Because subscribers can trust you, you will bring only the preferable information to your inbox.

It develops relationships with users and helps you connect with your influencers in your niche, which helps increase brand awareness in media.

Gain More Backlinks

It’s known how important backlinks are to enhance SEO for a website because it helps rank your website higher in the search engine results. Personalization comes into the picture when we acquire backlinks by general mail outreach.

In the below example, the outreach mail sent to acquire backlink has attained a tone that will confirm the business prospect. This is how we can get replies for cold emails and acquire backlinks.


Gain More Backlinks


Basic Personalization Techniques

Some basic personalization techniques are commonly used for email newsletter-type marketing. Experimenting with the basics helps you to learn and develop more.

Personalizing Names

When users open their inbox, they can see multiple emails lined up to read. But the initial decision of the user whether to open a mail is depended on the “From Name.”

So if the “From Name” is more personal, then there is a higher possibility of increased open rates. How to personalize this factor, then?

When it comes to B2B organizations, they don’t feel connected to your approach if you use a generic sender name. Instead, you can use the name of the sales manager or account manager to make the email more humane. It gives a special bond that you can cherish in the future as your lead.

For instance, Dubsat, in their promotional campaigns, changed their “From Name,” which represents their account manager, to increase engagement.


Personalizing Names


Catchy Subject Lines

In the inbox after the “From Name” subject line is another prominent element visible for the users. Personalizing them is very crucial to make the user involved in the content.

The subject line should reflect the core message of the campaign or attractive offers to capture your users’ attention. You can also include the recipient’s name, making them feel more connected to your email.

You can also add action words in the subject lines to create a sense of urgency to provoke your subscribers.


It’s A Win If It’s Precise And Personalized


Segmentation Is The Key

As the title depicts, the basic aspect of personalization is to build upon well-segmented email lists. In the process of data collection, you may end up with multiple kinds of data. So try to dissect the data to find a similar pattern, then you can group that information under a single topic.

You can group your subscribers based on geography, likings, purchase history, gender, age, etc. For instance, if you are trying to sell a makeup product for women, if you have grouped your data as gender-based, it is easy for you to set up a campaign for this product, targeting only women.

The user received the below email based on the preference selected during the subscription.


Understand Your Email And Website Analytics


Email Automation

Email Automation helps you to master personalization in your Email marketing campaigns. Because depending on the user’s response using automation, you can set up automatically triggered emails. These emails help reassure your users that they are on track with you.

Some of the emails we can automate are:

  • Reengagement mails
  • Confirmation mails
  • Welcome mails
  • Cart abandonment emails


Personalize CTA's


Behavior-based automated emails give you more opportunities to reengage with your users. Which eventually leads to a trustworthy relationship between your brand and your subscribers.

Creative Content

Demographic and geographic data personalizes the content presented to users. Relevant to the user’s data can include images and videos to entice them to purchase or do everyday actions.

Likewise, according to the data, multiple elements are available for personalization. For instance, If you are trying to sell a surfing board, this campaign can be personalized by sending emails to users near the beach. Here the personalized element is geography.


TeamTypes of approach



Using Email automation and personalization, you can reengage with your past customers to drive more sales and engagement. For your inactive users, you can capture them by sending a re-engagement campaign to confirm if they are interested in your brand or asking for feedback continuously. And also you can offer them attractive offers, or suggest to them your new products too.

Reengaging content should be flawless because this is the last chance for you to attract them and make them sustain with our brand. Reengagement mail also gives you a window of opportunities to win back your past customers and start a trustful relationship. This type of email also helps reapproach the influencers in your niche with a better offer, increasing brand awareness.

Below is a type of “Miss You” email that offers a captivating discount, which provokes the user to engage.


TeamTypes of approach


Master Email Personalization In 2023

To sum up, a few important things are there to remember to conduct a successful personalized email campaign.

  • Gather reliable data from the best source to craft highly personalized emails.
  • Personalization provides more revenue and engagement.
  • Never forget to segment your email lists to enhance your personalization.
  • Include creativity in personalization.

On this note, you can understand the role of personalization in Email Marketing. Personalize your emails to attain more benefits and gain success for your brand. Always remember the more personalized your email is, the better outcomes it will bring.

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What is Email Personalization? A Guide With Examples

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