Discover 15 best AI writing tools as alternatives of Jasper/Jarvis - 2023

Discover 15 best AI writing tools as alternatives of Jasper/Jarvis - 2023

Abhinayaa Nachimuthu | 6 Min Read


What are AI Writing Tools?

AI writing tools, also called AI content generators, are software applications that utilize the capabilities of artificial intelligence to produce written text based on user input.

With the help of artificial intelligence, AI writing tools can produce text that closely resembles something written by a human.

These tools helps in overcoming writer’s block and enhancing the content creation process.

Why are AI Writing Tools Competitive?

AI writing tools offer various aspects of content creation, that include:

  1. Generating content from scratch when you run out of words.
  2. Checking grammar and vocabulary to ensure effective communication with your target audience.
  3. Optimizing content for SEO to achieve higher rankings in search engine results.
  4. Detecting plagiarism to maintain originality.

Introducing Jasper AI

Introducing Jasper AI

Jasper AI, formerly known as Jarvis, is a popular but expensive AI content-creation tool.

Despite its advantages and disadvantages, Jasper AI stands out for its advanced content features.

It can inspire fresh ideas, refine tone usage, and elevate the overall quality of writing.

Why Opt for Jasper Alternatives?

While Jasper offers various pricing plans to cater to different user needs, many companies and content writers find it challenging to afford a single tool at such a high cost.

Luckily, numerous AI tools in the market provide similar functionalities at a more budget-friendly cost.

Let’s Explore the 15 Best Alternatives to Jasper AI,

  • Content.Ai
  • Rytr
  • Frase
  • Peppertype.ai
  • WordHero
  • Writesonic
  • GetGenie
  • Article Forge
  • Copy.ai
  • Anyword
  • Longshot AI
  • Copysmith
  • Wordplay.ai
  • NexMind
  • NovelAI.



Content.ai is one of the top and most cost-effective alternatives to Jasper AI.

Its impressive features include a fast generation of SEO-optimized content, images and a user-friendly UX design.

Whether you need long or short formats, Content.ai generates high-quality organic content for marketing purposes.

Features of Content.ai include:

  • It has an amazing image generator feature where it generates images based on your preferred medium, artist, and style art with just a specific keyword/phrase
  • Supports multi-languages
  • Playground -
    1. Chat with AI, much like chatgpt
    2. Pre-built content for blogs, cold mail, ads, and review posts to make the content process easy

Pricing Plans:

Cost$9$69 $139 $230
User Access1 User1 User3 User$114.99/month
Word count500010,00030,00050.000
Chrome extension & FrameworksYesYesYesYes

Use Content Ai, The all-in-one Ai content writing & Image generation platform, for Free.



Rytr is an affordable alternative to Jasper AI, offering comprehensive content generation for complete blogs starting from outlines.

While the dashboard may require some time to navigate.

Rytr provides valuable features such as,

  • Supports 30 languages that, include Hindi, and it is the only AI writer tool to do so
  • 30+ writing templates
  • Even though it has moderate content quality, it has exciting document editing options for blogs
  • It has semrush integration to choose keywords

Pricing plans:

Word CountGenerates 10k characters/monthGenerates 100k charactersGenerates Unlimited characters
Account Manager--Yes
AI Images520100
Support--Email & chat support



Frase is an excellent alternative to Jasper AI, although the price is higher.

It generates content based on queries from writers and bloggers. It offers extensive research analysis and keyword optimization.

Features of Frase include:

  • Offers general 10+ content templates
  • Use their own AI language model, which is not upto the mark but gives good initiation
  • Offers basic task management features

Pricing plans:

Cost1 User1 User3 User
OtherWrite + Optimise 4 articlesWrite + Optimise 30 articlesWrite + Optimise unlimited articles



Peppertype.ai stands out for its simplicity and lightweight dashboard.

It generates high-quality content suitable for social media platforms, making it a valuable alternative to Jasper AI.

Features of Peppertype.ai include:

  • Offers general 10+ content templates
  • Use their own AI language model, which is not upto the mark but gives good initiation
  • Offers basic task management features

Pricing plans:

Acess3 Users
Word count250K
Keyword Research10000

Content.ai is cheap and offers more excellent content compared to Peppertype. Try it out for Free.



Wordhero caters to specific niches, providing a variety of content for products, copywriting, and social media.

This platform serves as an excellent substitute for Jasper AI.

Its user-friendly interface makes it suitable for writers of all skill levels.

Features of Wordhero include:

  • Integrations - Google Docs and WordPress
  • No plagiarism checker but assist well with grammar and spell checks

Pricing plans:

FeaturesMonthly BillingAnnual Billing
Cost$49 $348
ContentUnlimited contentUnlimited content
Support24/7 24/7



Suppose you need short-form marketing content, such as ads, social media posts, and product outlines.

In that case, Writesonic is an ideal alternative to Jasper AI.

While its design may feel crowded, Writesonic delivers reliable content, especially for individuals and freelancers.

Features of Writesonic include:

  • 50+ content templates
  • Supports a variety of toolsets
  • Writesonic uses natural language processing algorithms; hence no worries about plagiarism

Pricing plans:

FeaturesFree trialUnlimitedBusinessEnterprise
Cost$0/month$16/month$12.67/monthStart from $1000/month
Access to new features---Yes
Support System--Priority supportPremium support
Article writerPersonalised and article writerPersonalised and article writerPersonalised and article writerCustom AI developement



Getgenie is a preferred AI writing software for its specialized features in sentence formatting, style editing, grammar checking, and autocorrect.

As an alternative to Jasper AI, Getgenie offers the following features:

  • Built-in chatbot(Geniechat)
  • 30+ workflow templates
  • Offers limit for SERP analysis and keyword analysis based on the subscription plan

Pricing plans:

CostFree$19(Monthly) $15.83(Annually)$49(Monthly) $40.83(Annually)$99(Monthly) $82.50(Annually)
Word count15001200040000150000
User AcessUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
SEO keyword credits1040250600
Premium supportYesYesYesYes

Want to explore different templates for blogs ?? Check out Content.ai’s 75+ templates for free

Article Forge:

Article Forge

Article Forge is an excellent AI tool for bulk content generation.

It focuses on producing descriptive content based on latent semantic indexing keywords.

It seamlessly integrates multimedia elements like images and links into your content.

Features of Article Forge include:

  • Supports seven languages
  • Ideal workflow with integrations such as Word.AI, SEO Autopilot, RankerX

Pricing plans:

FeaturesMonthly BillingAnnual BillingBusiness
Cost$27 $13 Customisable
User Acess11Customisable
Word count25,00025,000500,000+
Support--Account manager

Copy AI:

Copy AI

It leverages the latest AI models to deliver decent-quality content.

However, it lacks third-party integrations.

Features of Copy AI include:

  • 90+ content templates, including some fun templates
  • Additional tools: verb booster, grammar checker, sentence simplification

Pricing plans:

Cost$0$36/month $432/yearAutomated Workflow
User Acess15API access
SupportCopy.ai chatCopy.ai chatCopy.ai chat,support and training



Anyword is a dedicated AI tool with a built-in top-language model for sales and engagement.

It offers exciting features, especially in higher subscription tiers.

With its clean and uncluttered design, Anyword makes an excellent substitute for Jasper AI.

Features of Anyword include:

  • Supports 30+ languages
  • Derives quality pieces of words mainly for audience traffic
  • Has vocabulary correction toolset like style editing and grammar checking.

Pricing plans:

User Acess115Custom number of seats
Word Count1,00030,000UnlimitedUnlimited
Support--Customer supportCustomer support and others

Longshot AI:

Longshot AI

As its name suggests, Longshot AI specializes in long-form text generation.

While it shares similarities with other writing tools, Longshot AI sets itself apart with its fact-checking ability, making it a standout alternative to Jasper AI.

Features of Longshot AI include:

  • 2000/month credits for one user
  • Integrations: Hubspot, medium and semrush
  • Plugins: WordPress, chrome

Pricing plans:

Cost$19 $49 Custom
Word Count100,000500,0001 Million+
User Acess15Unlimited Users
Plagiarism checker2001,00010,000



Copysmith.AI is a reliable AI tool that produces e-commerce product content by simply uploading a catalogue.

It also allows team collaboration during the content creation process.

Features of Copysmith.AI include:

  • Offers 20+ templates for marketing, blogging and social media
  • Quick navigational design
  • Has many third-party tools and e-commerce integrations like Amazon, Shopify

Pricing plans:

Cost$19/month $228/year$49/month $490/yearCustom
User Acess1520
Word Count20,000UnlimitedUnlimited
SupportCustomer supportCustomer supportEmail and phone
Third Party IntegrationsLimited resourcesStrong resourcesStrong and healthy resources



Wordplay.ai lives up to its name by suggesting clever titles and outlines for content marketers.

It provides detailed information on specific categories and generates SEO-focused content to improve search engine rankings.

Features of Wordplay.ai include:

  • Pricing starts from $99 per month to $2,800 per month.
  • 7,500 credits per month.
  • Support for over 20 languages.

Pricing plans:

Cost(Lifetime Access)$99$399$999$2800
Word Count7,500/month35,000/month100,000/month300,000/month

Looking for a cheap and good Ai writing tool with AI images for blogs? Sign-up now for content.ai.



Nexmind is a versatile AI tool that generates customized content based on search engine optimization, including on-page, off-page analysis, keyword research and high-quality freestyle writing.

Features of Nexmind include:

  • Offers 40 credits per month
  • Assists with 14 languages
  • Supports image generation and multi-integrations

Pricing plans:

Cost$35/month $19/month (year)$71/month $39/month (year)$143/month $79/month (year)
Word Count26,00065,000162,500
Project Limit1510
Advanced Optimization-15 paragraphs40 paragraphs

Novel AI:

Novel AI

Novel AI is the perfect tool for hobby writers looking to create captivating stories.

It excels at scripting human-like texts and turning any writer into a storytelling pro.

While it may lack in terms of SEO analysis, Novel AI offers the following features:

  • Can add eye-catching images to create characters using Anime art AI
  • It even suggests some ideas to start building a story if you are out of your thoughts.

Pricing plans:

CostFree trial$10/month$15/month$25/month
Memory6144 tokens3072 tokens6144 tokens8192 tokens
Text Generations100UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Image Generation-Limited accessLimited accessUnlimited

Sum Up

Everyone has different needs and capacities.

So, we must keep eyeing the AI writing tool that satisfy our needs rather than chasing the crowd in this competitive industry.

Look out for inexpensive tools offering decent features to enhance and deliver quality content for our business.

At last, our primary focus should be to attract and engage our audience with unique content.


  1. What are the best alternatives to jasper ?

  • Content.Ai
  • Rytr
  • Frase
  • Peppertype.ai
  • WordHero
  • Writesonic
  • GetGenie
  • Article Forge
  • Copy.ai
  • Anyword
  • Longshot AI
  • Copysmith
  • Wordplay.ai
  • NexMind
  • NovelAI.

  1. Can I try Content.ai for free?

Yes !! You can try the free version of content.ai. It has a lot to offer, including a workspace for one user, 2000-word count, 75+ templates, 10 AI-generated images, and a Chrome extension.

There’s also a live webinar available.

  1. Which is better content.ai vs Jasper.ai ?

Content.ai is cheap, with necessary features suitable for all sized businesses.

You can go for Jasper when you require high-quality content and are okay with a higher budget.

  1. How much does Content.ai cost?

  • Content.ai starter - $9

  • Content.ai Advanced - $49

  • Content.ai Premium - $99

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Discover 15 best AI writing tools as alternatives of Jasper/Jarvis - 2023

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