Irresistible Promotional Email Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Irresistible Promotional Email Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Sarath | 20 Min Read

If you are here for promotional email inspiration, Then you come to the right place on the Internet.

Sometimes writing a promotional email can be hard, You don’t get that spark to put that word,

You will be like, Blank canvas that’s been sitting blank for million years. Okay, I get it; that’s why I scraped the Internet for these best and bad

Promotional email examples that will teach you how to write an incredible promotional email that will influence your prospects to take action.

Which do we strive for the most, right?

What is a promotional email?

You send an email marketing message to your audience to promote your product, service, or anything you wish your audience want to know and act upon.

The main goal of your promotional email is to persuade your audience to take a specific action.

Like asking them to call you, schedule a demo, attend the meeting, and much more.

The promotional emails must be written in a persuasive language with a call to action (CTA) at the end, encouraging your audience to take the action you want.

If you sell products, you can use discounts, free trials, limited-time offers, Lifetime dealsLifetime deals, and much more to encourage your audience to move to the next steps faster.

The type of content, design, intention, and language you use in your promotional email,

Can vary significantly based on your business goals, brand, and the industry you are living in.


The basic rule is to turn your promotional email content into

  1. Well-written piece.
  2. Persuasive,
  3. Goal-focused,
  4. Visually appealing, and
  5. Action-oriented. And must provide a clear idea of,
  6. what are you promoting?
  7. How will it help your prospects?
  8. Why should they do what you ask for?
  9. What should they do after reading your email?

The Main qualities of your promotional email

Clear and hypnotic subject lines

Your email audience will open or Never open your email based on how compelling your subject lines are,

Make it interesting, personalised, and attractive; you will get increased open rates.

Do the opposite?

Your email will sink into the deep ocean of Emails your audience gets daily.


As a human, You will be more attracted to your own name than any other thing in this world.

Include your audience name in your subject lines and inside the email copy as well,

You can easily see the higher number of open and click rate.


When you include your target audience name in your promotional email,

It will feel close to them,

and they will pay more attention

And engage with your email more than any other type they get daily.

Personalization email stats


People Ignore Unclear and confusing messages.

The question is, Will you pay attention to emails that are hard to understand and read?

Not in a million years, right?

That is why it is essential to write your emails in,

  • Easy to understand language.
  • Simple and most used words in your customer’s life.
  • Easily scannable (Avoid making massive walls with your emails).
  • Using bullet points.
  • Highlighting the essential terms.
  • Using headings.
  • Using images.
  • Formatting your email copy in a way that doesn’t require much energy from your audience to read and understand.


People love your email promotion copy.

They are celebrating it.

They want to buy what you are offering,

But how?

What should they do first?

Should they click the link or reply to the mail?

A clear, simple, and prominent CTA will solve this problem, What your audience should do after reading your email? The best CTA asks for two things,

  1. Asking permission to follow up later.
  2. Asking for the sales.

More obvious, clear, and straightforwards your CTA, Combined with an attractive offer,

Will increase the chances your audience will do what you ask.

Mobile Friendly

Many times writing email copy on your Laptop will make you forget that,

You are writing for people who use mobile phones(Mostly), not laptops.

So, It is good to ensure that,

Your email promotion copy looks good on the mobile screen first.

15 Best promotional email examples,

Elevation Church

Elevation Church

The subject for the above promotional email from the Elevation Church is 🚨New Merch is here!

Their promotional email aims to make people shop for their clothes.

Does their email copy relevant to their goal? Let’s see,

Instead of crafting longer paragraphs to communicate their celebration,

Elevation church uses small paragraphs of text on an HTML Image to tell what’s happening and what their audience needs to do; click the below CTA and buy the clothes.

Also, there is a small FOMO copy right above the CTA. (Which is good)

“Grab your fav Items now before they sell out.”

Instead of telling how great they are celebrating, what’s happening, and what other people are doing,

Elevation church created a simple, straightforward email campaign encouraging people to “Ready. Set. Shop.” their product.


Sometimes, You can tell what your audience needs to do in the most obvious way. Nothing more and nothing less.



The subject for the above promotional email from Grammarly is “Working on something big? Get 40% OFF any Grammarly Premium plan.”

Their promotional email aims to make people shift to their premium plan.

Does their email copy relevant to their goal? Let’s see, After reading the Copy 2 times,

I found that They wrote a superb, straightforward, and too-obvious copy,

Encouraging people to move to their premium plan.

But, The problem is, The first time I start reading the paragraph, I felt discomfort in my heart,

Why? Because, Look at the Copy, Even though it is good,

It is written like a block of brick. Making it hard to skim and read.

But Two good practices I found here are,

  1. Clear and attention-grabbing CTA.
  2. A comparison sheet, Comparing Grammarly’s free plan with the premium plan.

That comparison sheet eased my nerve and made me understand what and why I should hop on their premium plan.


  • Make your promotional email copy easy to read and skim.
  • Add a comparison sheet to communicate your higher plan’s value in seconds.
  • Keep your CTA attractive.




The subject line for the above promotional email from Disney+ is “Explore Oscar®-Winning Movies.”

The goal of their promotional email is to upsell their bundle plan.

Where people can buy Hulu, Disney+, and Espn in a single go.

Does their email copy relevant to their goal?

Well, I don’t know whether they nailed it regarding Copy. But I do know that,

They nailed it, In terms of Visuals.

The main goal of this email is to encourage people to buy their bundle plan.

But, Instead of making that evident in the subject line and the first instance of the message.

They buried that on the last, at the end.

As a user, I initially found it hard to understand what they were selling.

What captured me was,

The Visual of the Movie Soul.

That’s the number one thing that got my attention at first.

And I didn’t even understand what they were saying about their bundle.

Why did it happen like that?

Cause, They didn’t prioritize their main goal at first. Instead, they prompted something else,

How would it have been better?

Simple. They should’ve mentioned the primary goal, Upselling,

In their subject line at first and in the first instance of their message

Also, Instead of providing two CTA’s, One for “Start streaming.”

Other for, “Upgrade Now”

They should’ve prioritized one.

If then, Their message would have been clear, simple, obvious, and compelling.


  • Use Visuals to get and keep your audience’s attention.

  • Always mention your top goal of the email in your subject line and in the first instance of your email message. Don’t include two different CTA’s.



The subject of the above promotional email from Calm is “Your exclusive discount on a lifetime of Calm.”

al email aims to communicate their lifetime plan to their audience.

Does their email copy relevant to their goal?

There’s only one rule,

If people cannot understand what you are coming to say,

Then, They cannot take action on what you are asking them to do.

Here Calm expresses clearly what they are coming to say,

“There is a lifetime deal for you in a reduced price. You can claim this offer before it expires on November 6.”

Also, They clearly highlighted what and how much is on offer and the reduced price.

Simple, That’s all a person needs to decide whether to buy.

Adding that “Limited time offer expires November 6.”

Completed the message really well.

Now, The customer only has two options,

  • Buy the offer for a lifetime before the deadline.
  • Lose the offer.

How great is that? It’s not pushy or confusing and doesn’t have other irrelevant CTA, as shown in Disney+.



  • Highlight your offer.
  • Clearly explain the rules included in the offer.
  • Just keep it super simple.



The subject of the above promotional email from Grammarly is “Working on something big? Get 40% OFF any Grammarly Premium plan.”

Their promotional email aims to make people listen to the latest episode from Blinkist.

Does their email copy relevant to their goal? The headline and the visual arouse curiosity, making people scroll the content down.

Also, There are more whitespaces, and the content is written in an easy-to-understand language.

The whole content clearly displays their goal, To make the audience listen to the latest Blinkist episode.

If you see the CTA in the last line, It clearly tells what people need to do.

Listen to the first episode with Yancey Strickler.

This promotional email copy is clear, exciting, curiosity-sparking, and action-encouraging.

This makes this promotional email, A Cool one too.


  • If it applies to your business, Create curiosity with the text and visuals.
  • Have one single goal.
  • Leave more white spaces.
  • Use simple language.
  • Include obvious CTA.



The subject for the above promotional email from Adobe is “Create hypnotic animated illustrations with Creative Cloud.”

Their promotional email aims to make its people use Adobe’s Creative cloud to try out Illustration animation.

Does their email copy relevant to their goal?

The headline itself is self-explanatory. Creative industry people will easily understand what the headline means in a mere second.

Along with the short subtext under the headline, it encourages people to try their creative cloud.

But the highlight here is,

Can you see the Illustrated art of a woman? Actually, The shirt pattern of the Illustration moves beautifully.

Visit here to see how it looked: https://reallygoodemails.com/emails/create-hypnotic-anim ated-illustrations-with-creative-cloud

The Animated Illustration. The clear headline. And a Concise subtext along with a simple CTA button.

Everything makes this above promotional email the best one.


  • Sometimes, Use conciseness.
  • Make everything understandable with the headline itself.
  • Use Visually rich Images and animation to get and keep your audience’s attention.



The subject of the above promotional email from Gamestop is, “The hunt for this G.O.A.T. game on Nintendo Switch is over.”

The goal of their promotional email is to make people pre-order the game.

Does their email copy relevant to their goal? As it’s a game company,

Capturing visuals is mandatory to pull people to play the game.

On that part, Game stop nailed it.

Next, The Gamestop tries to create trust among the people by showing off the number of awards the game won,

Communicating that,

This game is going to be awesome.

Also, the headline clearly tells that, They can try out the game Risk-Free.

Where people can return the game and receive the total retained value in trade credit 48 hours after the launch.

When you look at the C.T.A., you can see that It stands out from the HTML image.

And the text inside it,

Tells people to do only one thing, Pre-Order Now. On Conclusion,

The message is clear, Compelling, Up to the point, and selling.



  • Use attention-grabbing Images.
  • Stain your writing with some humor (Everyone loves a good gag).
  • Keep your copy straight to the point.
  • Highlight the C.T.A. to stand out from the HTML visual.
  • Keep the C.T.A. copy super simple.



The subject line of the above promotional email from Fitbit is, “This is huge: Save $50 on Versa 2 now.”

Their promotional email aims to make people shop for their latest smartwatch.

Does their email copy relevant to their goal?

The Copy is short and clear. Also, People can have a good view of what they can take away from this deal.

Saving 50$, which they highlighted.

The Visual, as usual, Does the job of grabbing attention.

Under the visual, They have clearly communicated the features they can expect on the latest watches.

Along with the simple and sweet CTA at the bottom, completes this promotional email.


  • Always don’t tell more than necessary.
  • Keep your Copy short.
  • Use rich visuals to grab the attention.
  • Have one goal and reflect that goal through the promotional Copy



The subject for the above promotional email from MailNinja is “Free beer and pizza?”

(I like the subject line, though)

Their promotional email aims to inform people about the meetup between MailChimp and MailNinja and allow them to book their tickets.

Does their email copy relevant to their goal?

In simple words, Yes.

Look at it; the Headline says, What’s happening.

The subtext expands the Headline and lets people know they can attend this event. Plus, Offering access to a ticket.

Isn’t that the goal?

To announce and let people access the ticket.


  • Never move away from your goal. Ever.



The subject of the above promotional email from the Kasemakers is “Pick the perfect case for your smartphone.”

Their promotional email aims to make people shop for various phone cases they sell.

Does their email copy relevant to their goal?

The headline, Real Wood Phone Cases, is simple and up to a point.

No other extra gimmicky words and funny notions. This email is directly engaging with the audience. Asking them, Which one fits you?

And then displaying the unique cases that’ll appeal to their target audience.

They used an excellent visual of the phone case.

The headline is bold and easily visible, and understandable. The subtext is bulleted, Making it easier to skim.

They highlighted the CTA with the simple text, Buy Now.

Good. Not bad.


Interact with your audience through your promotional email. Highlight the CTA so they can easily see it. Use Rich visuals. And don’t complicate what you are coming to say.



The subject for the above promotional email from the Zapier is, “[Ends tomorrow] 3 months of Starter for $10.”

Their promotional email aims to make people start using the starter plan for 3 months for 10$.

Does their email copy relevant to their goal?

The headline clearly reflected the goal. This is the last chance for their audience to use the starter plan for 10$ for 3 months.

They are clearly saying that, If they use the starter plan for 3 months,

They’ll get access to the paid features for free.

Also, They are highlighting the FOMO using the term, Offer ends tomorrow.

But it would’ve been better If they enlarged that a bit and placed it in a spot where it could be easily seen.

There’s a lot of white space, making reading the content a breeze.

Also, They’ve used bullet points to list the features they’ll get once their audience starts using the starter plan.

Which is nice.

The CTA? Clear and straightforward, Plus, Properly highlighted.

This promotional email is Nice and Cool.


  • Use a lot of whitespaces.
  • Use FOMO occasionally.
  • Use Bullet points to list the Important things, So your audience can quickly skim them.
  • Write the subject line according to your goal, Not something else.

Austin EastCinders.

Austin EastCinders.

The subject for the above promotional email from the Austin Eastciders is You Asked For It, You Got It… 🍑”

Their promotional email aims to make people buy their new flavoured drink.

Does their email copy relevant to their goal?

They did an excellent job in introducing the new flavour,

Framing it in a way that people have asked for it; they’ve delivered.

Austin EastCinders.

Helping them to picture as a customer-centric brand. They did a fantastic job in Visuals to grab the attention.

Also, there is a section in their mail Where a group of people is talking about how good the peach-flavoured drink is.

That conversation makes the drink even more exciting and increases their social proof.

As the Images and the people’s conversation did all the complex jobs of announcing and creating interest among the audience.

The short subtext describes the availability of the drink.

Also, The number of calories that drink contains and how the spiked seltzer is made.

The CTA is highlighted and well noticeable.

However, It did an incredible job of creating interest among the target audience.

Austin EastCinders.

They even gave the option to people, Who love to shop Offline,

Which is good, Increasing people’s convenience in buying the product.

Overall, it is a glittering, sweet promotional email.


  • Why not tell your entire promotional email message without much Text? Only using the Visual elements. It’s worth trying out.



The subject of the above promotional email from Casper is “Reminder: 4 days left to redeem your exclusive offer.”

Their promotional email aims to make people shop for their mattresses.

Does their email copy relevant to their goal?

Looking at the headline, It is pulling the reader into the primary copy.

The subtext is the highlight here; they are saying how to comfort their mattresses are; Different dreams have different needs,

Making people wonder, “Will there be mattresses aligned with my dream? Whatever, I’m going to look at it.”

The CTA only asks people to do one thing: Shop for Mattresses.

It is nice to see that, They haven’t added the word Now, at the end of the CTA, Like Shop Mattresses Now.

Plus, They did a good job explaining their variety of products in different ranges,


Simply comparing them side by side, To show which type is most valuable than other.

Which is good, If you are trying to sell the premium variety.


Also, they are encouraging their audience to claim the offer using the Code.

Which is a great sales initiator.


The best part is, at the end of the email, they ask the audience to refer to their friend to earn a cash prize.

Why is this awesome?

Sometimes, The audience is not ready to buy the product,

Instead of living for the luck to get sales from the audience, Casper smartly, Used the referral system.

The main goal behind this referral system is,

Maybe you are not ready, But your friends or family will be.

This referral system is the best way to expand your brand reach and increase sales at less price.

Overall, This promotional email is the best I’ve seen.


  • Write pulling headline.
  • Include curiosity element in your copy.
  • Display clear CTA.
  • Use Comparison sheet to show off where the real value lies.
  • Increase your sales chance using referral method.



The subject for the above promotional email from the reMarkable is “Exclusive customer offer ending soon.”

The main aim of this email is to promote their thinnest tablet to their audience. Not sales. Let people know about this tablet.

Does their email copy relevant to their goal? Absolutely, Yes.

You can clearly see they are telling what is unique about their tablet in the shortest form possible.


Also, They are linking to their support, Instagram social account, and blogs.

This is a promotional email to make people explore everything about their tablet and brand.

And they’ve done that excellently and reasonably.


  • Stick to your promotional goal. Do write concise copy when necessary, Cause the shorter your copy gets, the more powerful your words will be.

One Trick Pony

One Trick Pony

The subject for the above promotional email from the reMarkable is “Our peanut butter is all about the nuts.”

This email’s main aim is to promote peanut butter and let people shop.

Does their email copy relevant to their goal?

Yes, Their entire promotional email is targeted to tell about how good their peanut butter is,

And why their audience should buy it,

One Trick Pony

They explain how their peanut butter is made, Where it is procured from, and The recommendation on how to eat their peanut butter, Like eat with toast or Thai food.

Everything is written in their brand voice and tone, Which makes this unique.

Also, finish the entire email with that cute CTA at last, This makes this an excellent promotional email to boast.


  • Make it branded and make it unique.

How to write your own promotional email campaign?

After looking at 15 promotional email campaigns,

It must be evident to you, How to write your own promotional campaigns,

However, Let me tell you how it’s done,

1. Determine your promotional email landing page

Before you start writing your promotional email, Determine where you are going to send your audience,

As per your business goal, You could create a temporary landing page or a permanent one,

But without knowing this part, You should not move to the next one,

2. Decide on the type of promotional campaign

There is a lot of promotional email campaign that you can create.

You need to find, Whether it is,

  • Offer type.
  • Upselling.
  • Announcement.
  • Lifetime deals.
  • Coupon.
  • Contest,
  • And much more.

Understand which type of promotional email campaign you are going to write.

3. Decide whether it’s an HTML image or a written copy

You need to handle both types differently,

Maybe your data may indicate that a Written copy is good at converting your audience,

Then the HTML one.

But, It’s always great to test and find out, Which resonates more with your audience. Also, If it’s an HTML promotional email, You need to include pulling visuals,

Only then will your audience pay attention and read to understand the email.

If it’s a written email, Write according to the type of product you are selling,

If you are selling low-priced products or services,

Your email can be short and sweet. But, If you are selling the high priced product, You need to write a long copy,

Include every point that will convince your target customer.

4. Make it branded and unique

Your promotional email should not look like, It’s from your competitor,

Instead, it should say, Okay, it’s from your company, Your brand should speak here.

Include your brand visuals and use your brand voice and tone.

As you can see in the above promotional email example, Every email is branded and unique.

5. Include your Call to Action(CTA)

This is one of the most crucial elements in your promotional email copy.

This helps the audience to know, What they should do; after consuming your email,

Make sure, Your CTA is clear, Compelling, and persuasive.

And don’t include more than one CTA, as it will split the focus,

And people can’t decide what is essential, Which one they should click.

Look at the above email examples to find, How they’ve written the CTA,

Learn from it, Test it, and find your best CTA.

Remember this, If your offer is not attractive to your audience,

They won’t click the CTA, No matter how compelling it is.

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Irresistible Promotional Email Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

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