How to Write a Blog Post? (A Step by Step Guide)

How to Write a Blog Post? (A Step by Step Guide)

Ramadevi | 6 Min Read

Have you ever come across a blog, with great content?

And right choice of words, that made you want to read it again?

Writing a blog on your own seems a daunting task but it’s possible to start at any moment with the right knowledge about creating them.

This article is to show you how you can write a blog post in a step by step guide. Anyone can connect with their audience through blogging.


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What does it offers to you?

Blogging provides organic traffic from search engines, promotional content for social media, and recognition from a new audience that you haven’t tapped into yet.

If you are a beginner in blogging and don’t know where to start, the wait is over.

What is a blog post?

A blog post is any article, information or guide that’s published in the blog section of a website.

A blog post includes all types ranging from almost 600 words and more that contains visuals such as images, videos, infographics, and interactive charts.

Blog posts help you to boost brand awareness, credibility, conversions, and revenue.

Most importantly, they can help you drive traffic to your website. Let’s dive in !

1. Create Content Ideas

Honestly, it’s not that easy to come up with great ideas especially for a blog, so how to deal with this?

When you really don’t know what to write there are simple ways for you,to come up with vital blog topics.

For jotting your ideas create a spreadsheet and fill them with ideas inspired you and what are your own ideas on that topic?

Make sure that you choose a blog topic that aligns with your audience and your business.


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Use more questions about your blog topic so that, you’ll get some ideas on your own, that can be added to the spreadsheet.

Find a most popular content for your blog with the primary keyword that has got huge attraction, already. For instance,What are the best places to visit in the world atleast once in your lifetime? This topic has great following and followers that has been shared via all social platforms n times. Find like this!

Also,make a check over the popular blogs written by you and the comments offered by your audience on such popular posts.What questions are your prospects asking? What hurdles do they have? This perspective enriches in creating your content.

Take down these ideas word for word. The goal at this point is not to form a concrete hook but to generate ideas.

Analyse your previous blog post results to understand better which pages of your website are attracting the most visitors.When you do this for your own, you’ll have a clear idea of where to focus your content creation efforts in the future.

You can also keep a check on your competitors blogs to know in what way they are unique? What content strategy will for your content? Think in that aspect ! I think you got it !

2. Choose the right source and research on it.

Like painting, writing blog is also an art.You are the artist here.

How do find the right source and conduct research fast?

The process is so simple —

Rather than focusing on the idea, just focus on the content.

While finding and research about the right source, jot down the ideas that come to your mind. After that read them multiple times to get a clear understanding of what you are going to write. The ultimate goal should be creating a valuable, authenticated post for your audience.

Use sources like Statistics, facts, videos, infographics,visuals, scientific topics etc to gather data for your blog.

Make all this noted in a Google docs rather than wordpress or anything,as it will take a little time in docs. So that, you need not search it the next time, you can easily locate.

3. Framework of a blog

You want your readers to keep excited from the starting of the blog to the ending of the blog, it requires persuasion with your words.

Make your readers like your blog not by forcing but telling your own story,sharing your own success and failures, addressing more personally from their shoes.

Stats shows that, 88% of consumers say authenticity is important when choosing a brand to do business with.

Your readers should trust you,make it happen naturally so that they can do it on their own too.


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Use relevant visuals that makes your blog catchy and grabs your readers attention too so that they are not leaving your post soon.

Why does the information in your blog post matters today? Intelligent way to insert a call-to-action in your blog is to create content upgrades that stops your readers procrastination.

When someone gives their attention and time on your post, reciprocate them with what they need without no expectations.

Give away your best contents for free to reap big rewards.

A study of 27,000 consumers revealed that consistency is critical for trust and loyalty. Make sure you write blogs consistently to keep yourself authentic and accountable.

4. Create a outline of how to execute the blog.

After knowing a blog topic and doing all the relevant researches to it, start crafting a catchy headline.

How the headline should be?

  • Be super-specific – Like use numbers in your headline and avoid ambiguous words like amazing, awesome, and great.
  • Be mindful to keep a fine line between a curiosity-infused headline and a desperate clickbait.
  • Invoke an emotional response. This works as we make decisions on an emotional basis and only appeal to logic to justify these decisions.

  1. Formula: [Story] + [Effect]

Example: New Google Algorithm Gives Top Blogs A Heavy Blow

  1. The List Headline

Formula: [Number] of Ways To [Desired Outcome]

Example: 127 Ways To Make money through online

  1. The Burning Question

Formula: [Pose A Provocative Question]

Example: Is The Money Really In The List?

  1. A Fun Juxtaposition

Formula: [Present two conflicting ideas or positions]

Example: How to Be Smart in a World of Dumb Bloggers

  1. The Ultimate Guide

Formula: The [Ultimate/Complete] Guide To [Total Transformation] Example: The Ultimate Guide To Content Marketing

  1. Invoke Emotion

Formula: [Appeal To A Fear/Other Strong Emotion]

Example: An Open Letter To Entrepreneurs Struggling To Make A Profit

These are some tricks given by the experts to write for headlines.

Also keep your first sentence of the blog so crisp and short, since they boost content readability.

Use emotions as a picture to tell about the topic. Use personal anecdotes and mini stories to boost your credibility and authenticity factors.

Use a quote relevant to your blog post. Your readers should be able to recognize the author of your quote, so it’s best to use an influencer in your niche.

Make sure to use your target keyword in the first 300 words. This indicates to Google (and your readers) what the topic is about and can help you rank higher in SERPs.

5. Add Values in Your Content.

Have the right balance between emotion and reason.

Hitting the emotional hot buttons is critical, but your readers have a need for logic, particularly if they’re being promised something sensational.

Readers should be able to easily implement your solutions themselves and see an immediate benefit or result. This is going to amplify your perceived value and keep people coming back, day after day.


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It’s all well and good trying to go viral, but your chances of doing so are slim to none. Instead of focusing on creating viral content focus on creating useful content.

Let your personality show up. Your unique writing voice will take time to develop, but here’s what you can do to accelerate the process:

Use words and phrases that are associated with your personality.

Create an imaginary reader, name them, and write like you’re having a conversation with that ONE person.

If you don’t have personal stories that you can add to your blog, that means you are probably blogging on the wrong subject.

Blogs tend to have an average time on site of less than 1 minute.

Make sure you write your content with the assumption that people skim.

From leveraging headings to even writing a conclusion at the end of each post, this will help your readers get value out of your content even when they don’t fully read it.

Use a voice typing tool so you don’t have to physically type. Simply dictate your points and most voice typing tools will spell out the words with remarkable accuracy. For example, Medium platform has this.

6.Call to action(CTA) and how to conclude.

Take sometime to analyse your previous blog posts.

Do you notice a specific pattern in how you close your posts?

While there are no rules, there are some tips for concluding the blog.

Content Powered

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  • Emphasize the main message - with what you have started,what emotion you used,close it with that!
  • Give readers a reason to act with urgency. What’s the big benefit? What’s the ultimate promise?
  • Be inspiring. Be motivational. Be a cheerleader.
  • End with a conversation starter. Asking a question at the end gives readers a nudge to engage and comment on your post.

7. AI Writing Tools

There’s never been a better time to augment your writing practice with technology.

AI writing tools come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for a variety of different purposes.

One of the most common purposes is to quickly generate an article outline, which you can then write yourself or send to one of your team’s writers.

In some cases, AI tools will even use results from Google to provide SEO-optimized outlines that ensure you hit all of the relevant points.

TextCortex AI

Image Source : TextCortex AI

If you’ve been stuck staring at a blank page for more than 10 minutes, it can be well worth seeing what an AI writing tool can generate.

Some tools can even write the entire article on your behalf. Or they can rephrase content you have previously written to make it unique.

Finally, you can use AI to optimize your finished article to make sure it includes all of the relevant keywords to rank well in Google.

That way you can make sure it’s more in-depth and relevant than the best piece of existing content before you hit publish.

Wrapping Up

Even if you’re a terrible writer who spends weeks writing and editing one blog post, you can create a persuasive blog post without consuming days of your time.

To write a blog or to do anything you love,you should be ready to take the commitment and trust in the systems proven to generate results.

There will be moments when the process gets tougher and challenging, but when your traffic and conversions go up, you’ll know it was worth the effort.

What are the steps you did for writing your first blog? Do you have any other tips to enrich for the blog post ?

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How to Write a Blog Post? (A Step by Step Guide)

10X your sales and revenue

Organically with GoZen's AI-powered Organic growth platforms. Generate Original & engaging AI content. Turn your traffic into leads. Understand customers. Automate your revenue generation.

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