6 Ways to Find Someone's Email Address [Both FREE+Paid]

6 Ways to Find Someone's Email Address [Both FREE+Paid]

Gowtham Raj | 8 Mins Read

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In today’s digital world, having the right email address can open doors to countless opportunities.

Whether you’re reaching out for sales purposes, influencer marketing, networking, or simply trying to connect with someone, knowing how to find someone’s email address can be a game-changer.

In this blog, we’ll explore six effective strategies that will help you uncover email addresses with ease.

From utilizing online tools to leveraging social media platforms, these methods are designed to empower you in your quest to connect with the right people.

6 Ways to Find Someone’s Email Address

To find someone’s email address, you can use email extractors, Google Dorks, WHOIS Lookup, and social media lookup.

Let’s dive in and discover the secrets to finding anyone’s email address smartly.

Email Lookup Tools

Email lookup tools are scripts that extract email addresses from the websites you visit. It allows you to find email addresses via domain names as well as person names.

It can be used for:

  • Find and verify email addresses

  • Export collected emails to text files or copy them to the clipboard

  • The are many email lookup tools available in the market. They can eliminate the process of manual searching and copy-pasting email addresses.

    These email lookup tools are equipped to search email addresses on both websites and LinkedIn.

    Some of the popular email lookup tools worth exploring are:

  • Hunter: Offers 25 free searches/ month. Paid plan starts from $49 - 500 monthly searches. It has a free email finder extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

  • Voila Norbert: Offers 50 free leads. Paid plan starts from $49 - 1k leads per month. It also has a Chrome extension.

  • ContactOut: 4 emails and 2 phone numbers per day. Paid plan starts from $99 - 500 work emails and 50 phone numbers. It also has a Chrome extension.

  • Email Hunter: It’s a completely free email extractor for websites.

  • Pros of Email Lookup Tools

  • High accuracy: Good email lookup tools provide accurate and up-to-date information, reducing the chances of sending emails to incorrect addresses.

  • Time-saving: Email lookup tools can save a lot of time by quickly providing contact information that would otherwise require manual research.

  • Data enrichment: Some tools offer additional data such as social media profiles, company information, and job titles, enriching your contact database.

  • Cons of Email Lookup Tools

  • Cost: Many email lookup tools can be expensive, especially those with advanced features or access to extensive databases.

  • Privacy concerns: These tools might extract data from public resources without any explicit consent.

  • Limited free options: The majority of them provide only limited features and data for free users.

  • Lead Databases

    Lead databases are powerful tools that provide comprehensive and up-to-date information about potential leads and contacts.

    These databases aggregate data from various sources, including public records, social media platforms, and company websites, to create detailed profiles of individuals and organizations.

    There are many B2B database providers and general lead generation platforms available in the market:

  • ZoomInfo

  • DiscoverOrg

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  • Demandbase

  • Clearbit

  • Lead411

  • UpLead

  • Apollo.io

  • Out of these 8 platforms, we have used LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Clearbit.

    With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can access the contact details of over one billion LinkedIn members.

    Clearbit has been instrumental in the real-time identification of your website visitors, tracking their activity, and providing detailed data about them.

    Utilizing Clearbit data, you can efficiently convert prospects into customers with minimal effort, leveraging their existing interest in your product or service.

    Pros of Lead Databases

  • Comprehensive data: These databases provide all possible information about particular prospects including contact details, job titles, and company information.

  • Accurate information: Provides accurate and up-to-date information, reducing the risk of reaching out to incorrect or outdated contacts.

  • Integrations: Many lead databases integrate seamlessly with CRM systems and marketing automation tools, streamlining lead management and workflow processes.

  • Targeted lead generation: They allow businesses to filter and target specific criteria such as industry, company size, job title, location, etc., facilitating focused lead generation efforts.

  • Cons of Lead Databases

  • Oversaturated targets: Contacts within lead databases are highly targeted by numerous B2B vendors, making them oversaturated targets. Consequently, initiating cold outreach to these contacts could potentially harm your email reputation score.

  • Cost: Many lead databases can be expensive, especially for small businesses or startups with limited budgets.

  • Privacy Concerns: Some lead databases collect data from public sources, social media platforms, and other sources without explicit consent, raising privacy concerns and potential regulatory issues.

  • LinkedIn Scraper

    LinkedIn Scrapers are scripts that can be used to look up business emails of prospects by their names on the LinkedIn platform. These scripts are usually open-source.

    As these scripts are mostly written in Python, you will need a Python environment on your computer to run these scrapers.

    Free LinkedIn scrapers can be found in:

  • GitHub: The majority of GitHub projects are open source, allowing anyone to access it for free.

  • RapidAPI: RapidAPI is the world’s largest API hub where you can find many tools like LinkedIn scrapers and email finders. The platform mostly offers freemium APIs, making them accessible to everyone. I have a tip for choosing a valid API: use the popularity score to find the trending and effective APIs, especially for finding email addresses.

  • After choosing an API based on your popularity score, you need to create an account on RapidAPI, which is free.

    Then, head to the Endpoints section and use the free trials.

    Email address RapidAPI

    • Data enrichment APIs: While talking about LinkedIn scraper, I cannot exclude data enrichment tools, such as Proxycurl, Waalaxy, PhantomBuster, and more. While you can find these APIs in RapidAPI, it is less expensive when you directly purchase from their own websites.

    Social Media Profiles

    Social media profiles are another great source to look for personal and business emails of your leads and prospects.

    Meta (formerly Facebook)

    To find someone’s email address on Facebook, just head over to the About page of a company profile or personal profile.

    There is a good chance of finding the person’s email address or phone number you are looking for.

    Even if you can’t find the email address you are looking for, you can use the public information available, such as interest, favorite pages, birth date, nickname, books, and movies to personalize your outreach.

    Facebook aboutus

    You can also use another method to get email addresses from Facebook. It’s simply using the email lookup tools we talked about earlier. With these tools, finding email addresses takes just seconds.


    Instagram is a place where every organization (depending on the industry) and people have a presence.

    In most cases, they must have publicly listed their contact information, such as email address and phone number just under their profile bio.

    Max contact email

    X (formerly Twitter)

    If lucky, you can find email addresses in people’s X (Twitter) bio, like on Facebook and Instagram.

    Apart from that, you can use Twitter’s advanced search feature to look up email addresses of any organization or person.

    Here’s how I found the email of a solopreneur using his X user name:

  • I inserted any random word in the search box of X

  • Now, I could see the Advanced search option under the Search filters. I clicked on it.

  • X advanced search

  • Entered the exact word in the Words box. In my case, I have entered “email to”

  • Then, scrolled a bit to reach the Accounts box in which I input the X user account name

  • Email address from X

    Google Dorks

    Google Dorks refers to advanced search operators and search queries used in Google Search to narrow down search results and find specific information.

    In other words, Google Dorks is an advanced search technique that can be used to look for potential information scattered in different formats.

    Hackers and bug bounty hunters commonly use Google Dorks to look for any sensitive information disclosure.

    However, we can use it for business or personal email lookups. In fact, it is a completely free technique to find email addresses.

    Some common Google Dorks operators include:

  • site: Used for site-wide or domain-wide searches Example: “site:gozen.io” will only search within the gozen.io domain.

  • intitle: Performs lookup of a word or phrase in the titles of all web pages. Example: “intitle:cold email tips” will return pages with “Cold email tips” in the title.

  • inurl: Same as ‘intitle’ but looks for pages with a specific word or phrase in the URL. Example: “inurl:cold emails” will find URLs containing “cold emails.”

  • intext: Sames as ‘intitle’ and ‘inurl’ but looks for text that contains a specific word or phrase.

  • filetype: Searches for specific file types. Example: “filetype:pdf” will return PDF files related to the specified search query.

  • related: Finds websites related to a specified website. Example: “related:gozen.io” will show sites similar to gozen.io.

  • cache: displays the cached version of a webpage as indexed by Google.

  • Out of the above Google dorks operators, you will need ‘intext’, ‘intitle’, and ‘filetype’ to find someone’s email address you are looking for.

    How to Use Google Dorks to Find Someone’s Email Address

    Using Google Dorks involves a bit of math, dealing with permutations and combinations. Searching emails in websites and PDF files:

  • Query to search email addresses in websites: intext:”@gmail.com” AND intext:”Mike Anderson”

  • Query to search email addresses in PDF files: filetype:pdf intext:”@gmail.com” AND intext:”Mike Anderson”

  • Query to search email addresses in a particular domain: site:gozen.io intext:”@yahoo.com” AND intext:”Mike Anderson”

  • Query to search email addresses of different email providers: (intext:”@gmail.com” OR intext:”@gozen.io”) AND intext:”John Davis”

  • Searching emails in corporate documents, such as financial reports, contracts, project reports, and confidential reports:

  • Query for email lookup in corporate reports: intext:”@domain.com” intitle:”corporate report” filetype:pdf OR filetype:docx

  • Query for email lookup in financial reports: intext:”@domain.com” intext:”financial report” OR intext:”Form 10-K” filetype:pdf OR filetype:docx

  • Query for email lookup in employee contracts and confidential agreements: intext:”@domain.com” intitle:”employee contract” OR intitle:”confidential employment agreement” filetype:pdf OR filetype:docx

  • Query for email lookup in internal memos and confidential docs: intext:”@domain.com” intitle:”internal memo” OR intitle:”confidential communication” filetype:pdf OR filetype:docx

  • These are some possible queries and you can expand the scope of Google dorks with multiple source files and combinations of special query.

    For example, replacing the site:”domain.com” with intext:”@domain.com” in the below query gives you global visibility instead of site-wide visibility.

    site:”domain.com” intitle:”corporate report” filetype:pdf OR filetype:docx

    Another combination could be changing the source file: intitle:”corporate report” to intitle:”finanical report”.

    Pros of Google Dorks for Finding Email Addresses

  • It’s completely free

  • Gives valid email addresses

  • Cons of Google Dorks for Finding Email Addresses

  • Requires a lot of trial and error

  • Time-consuming task

  • Sometimes there will be zero results

  • You will have to face a captcha at times (not all the time) even for manual attempts of dork queries

  • WHOIS Lookup

    WHOIS Lookup is a domain name lookup service that retrieves WHOIS data.

    WHOIS data refers to information about domain name registrations maintained by domain registrars and registries.

    The WHOIS data includes details such as the domain name’s creation date, expiration date, the name and contact information of the domain registrant, administrative contact, technical contact, and sometimes the registrar’s information.

    The WHOIS Lookup services require the domain address or IP address as input to give you the required information.

    According to laws, every website owner has to give their contact details upon registering a new domain. However, the domain owners have the option to hide their information.

    With some luck, you might uncover the email that was used during the registration of this domain.

    How to Use WHOIS Lookup to Find Someone’s Email Address

    Head over to any one of the following WHOIS Lookup services:

  • WhoIs

  • Whois.com

  • WHOIS Domain Lookup by GoDaddy

  • WHOIS Domain Lookup by Namecheap

  • ICANN Lookup

  • Then, enter the domain address or IP address.

    That’s it. You will now have the contact information including your email address.

    Pros of WHOIS Lookup for Finding Email Addresses

  • Completely free; unlimited lookups

  • Gives valid email addresses

  • Cons of WHOIS Lookup for Finding Email Addresses

  • Only owner data available

  • Most of the time the information is hidden

  • Conclusion

    In conclusion, there are multiple effective methods to find someone’s email address.

    By leveraging these six strategies, you can enhance your email outreach and networking efforts with greater precision and efficiency.

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    6 Ways to Find Someone's Email Address [Both FREE+Paid]

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