Best Cold Outreach Software in 2024

Best Cold Outreach Software in 2024

Gowtham Raj | 15 Min Read

Cold email prospecting, aka cold emailing, is vital in expanding your B2B and B2C business. There is no doubt that cold email is a go-to channel for customer acquisition.

However, the outcome is solely based on your cold email best practices and the effectiveness of your chosen cold outreach tool.

By reading this article, you will be capable enough to choose the right outreach tool based on your requirements without spending much of your valuable time.

You will learn whether email warmup is a valid ethical way, the importance of custom domain, and mailbox switching.

Here’s the hawk-eye view of the comparison:

ToolsEmail Warm-upSender rotationSender Emails per Plan (Starts at)Push NotificationLead GenerationPersonalizationEntry Pricing
10 sender accounts
Sign-up forms
; advanced
$9 per month
1 sender accounts
$59 per month
1 sender accounts
$39 per month
$37 per month
$25 per month
for Gmail users
$29 per month
$39 per month
$39 per month
1 sender account
$60 per month
On Request
€160 per month

Note: Always maintain 100-150 emails per sender email account; increase the sender email accounts to increase your daily emails per day

Before diving deep, get to know how I ranked these cold outreach software.

Instead of throwing a bunch of software lists, I extensively used all of these cold outreach software tools personally and have communicated with their customer service representatives for certain features and functional confirmations.

Table of Contents

Let’s start by clarifying the distinction between cold email outreach software and email marketing software.

Firstly, it is important to understand the fundamental difference between cold emails and marketing emails.

Cold emailing is specifically geared towards contacting a targeted group of leads who are not be familiar with your product or service, whereas email marketing encompasses broader strategies aimed at engaging with existing customers or a wider audience.

Now, let’s move on to the differences between cold email outreach software and email marketing software.

Even widely recognized email marketing software comes with specific terms and conditions and their nature may not align with the practices of cold emailing. These include:

  • requirement of client consent for sending emails

  • their SMTP servers can land cold emails in the promotion tab due to their newsletter-friendly standard

  • Lack of smart scheduling of emails

  • Some providers share email servers, so if one customer gets marked as spam due to their numerous mail requests, it affects others on the same server.

  • Hence, choose the tool wisely based on this knowledge.

    Ok, without further ado, let’s have a sneak peek of insights about the comparison tools.

    A Sneak Peek Before the Comprehensive Comparison

    Based on my research,

  • Almost 75% of cold outreach software listed here has an email warmup feature

  • 83% of cold outreach tools in this list have mailbox rotation features, which allow them to escape from the spam filter and increase the sender reputation score

  • Almost 99% of outreach tools have generative AI support for email creation including some of them having AI support for whole sequence creation

  • While all tools have the support for personalization, a few like GoZen Growth and Lemlist support advanced personalization using liquid formulas

  • All of the cold outreach software/ tool offers free trials, except Outreach.io. Among these, GoZen Growth, Apollo, and Snov.io offer lifetime free plans.

  • I know it is difficult to choose from one cold outreach software from this sneak peek since they all share more or less similar features.

    To get a deep understanding of functionalities tests that explore the pros and cons of every tool, you need to read the full article.

    Essential Features of Cold Outreach Software for Optimal Deliverability

    Cold outreach software must have the following essential features for optimal performance.

    Email Warmup

    Email deliverability is the primary concern in cold prospecting. We all know that high email deliverability is the first win in cold emailing.

    To increase the email deliverability of particular domains, vendors in the cold outreach niche came up with a feature called “email warmup”.

    Email warmup is an advanced feature powered by AI that takes over enrolled email accounts and initiates human-like conversations between them with smart scheduling.

    Sending emails gradually in a specific period from a new email account will help in building a positive reputation for that account. As a result, the account can send an increased amount of emails without landing in the spam folder.

    Though the email warmup has been giving a decent improvement in inbox deliverability, the feature might be disabled in the future as Google already asked one of the cold outreach software vendors to disable it lately.

    So just because email warmup gives a favorable outcome in the present, it doesn’t mean it is the only considerable factor.

    Sender Rotation

    Sender rotation can be a perfect alternative for email warmups. Since the warmup feature shows uncertainty in its existence in the long run, you can rely on sender rotation.

    Sender rotation is one of the essential features of cold outreach software, which allows you to seamlessly jump between multiple email accounts of the same domain to ensure better deliverability for your cold outreach campaign.

    Custom Domain Tracking

    The use of custom domain tracking is another ethical way to increase your cold email deliverability. Some of the vendors provide shared domains, which may affect your deliverability for someone’s malpractice.

    In addition, implementing custom domain tracking increases brand and professionalism and reduces the likelihood of phishing flags.

    If Google clamped down email warmup, the custom domain can be a reliable factor that can guarantee email deliverability.

    Implementation of Strong Authentication System

    When it comes to the email authentication systems (DKIM, DMARC, and SPF), it is in both hands of the sender and vendor.

    While DKIM is taken care of by your vendor and you are responsible for dictating the SPF and DMARC.

    Stating that, if a cold outreach vendor failed to sign your email due to a lack of technical issues, your email would end up being in spam.

    Multi-Channel Marketing

    Though your primary aim is to do cold emailing, having an additional channel to market is a bang for the buck.

    The other channel can be web and mobile push notifications and some vendors even combine LinkedIn outreach and cold calling along with cold emails.

    Powerful Integrations

    A powerful integration is a must for cold outreach software. Integration support for CRMs, and workflow software like Zapier and Pabbly is a great addition.

    The integration enables bi-directional data flow between the application that leads to real-time collaboration, enhanced user experience, efficient data processing, and reduced latency.

    Lead Database

    Lead database in my opinion is not a necessary feature that you could expect from a cold outreach vendor.

    The challenge with the standard lead database provided by any cold outreach software vendor is that it’s likely been heavily used by other customers of the same vendor.

    This can make it harder to stand out and build meaningful connections with potential customers.

    It can backfire and damage your reputation in some cases as those leads are getting continuous cold emails from multiple sellers.

    If the lead database provided by the vendor is updated frequently, you can give it a try. Otherwise, you can start your cold outreach campaign with your own set of lead lists.

    On the whole, choose the cold outreach software based on these factors. Do not only focus on the email warmup feature since its presence is uncertain.

    Apart from email warm-up, the other features mentioned above must be in a cold outreach tool for better email deliverability.

    Best Cold Outreach Tools/ Software

    GoZen Growth

    G2: 4.8/5
    Capterra: 4.7/5
    AppSumo: 4.8/5

    GoZen Growth is a comprehensive and the most affordable email marketing and cold outreach software (2-in-1) that guarantees the optimal deliverability of your cold emails.

    Why GoZen Growth is on the Top of the List?

    It is because it has all the essential features for your cold email campaigns. Apart from that, it is the only tool in the market that can be used for both cold emails and email marketing.

    Email Deliverability

    Growth has features including mailbox rotation, automated email warmup, smart drip campaigns, and advanced personalization to ensure optimal cold email deliverability.

    Sender rotation allows you to send cold emails from various email addresses of the same domain.

    It helps you to send cold email campaigns that don’t feel like generic email blasts, without getting into spam filters and not exceeding the daily limit of emails sent.

    The automated email warmup feature of Growth is an advanced and novel way of increasing your email sender reputation score.

    Leveraging the natural language processing (NLP) technology, Growth composes emails with human touch and randomly communicates across thousands of other real human email accounts in our warmup pool.

    This complete autonomous process of email warmup takes place in the backdrop, without interrupting your cold outreach campaigns.


    This complete process of meaningful conversations, along with thoughtful follow-ups, will significantly improve your sender reputation for the email account you’ve warmed up.

    Smart drip campaigns, an another advanced feature of Growth that is built for better cold outreach deliverability.

    Using the smart drip campaign, you can set your whole cold outreach on auto-pilot by pre-setting the email sending frequency, time, and limit per email account.

    The algorithm manages initial emails and follow-ups in a controlled manner, intelligently detecting replies and halting follow-up emails.

    Growth Smart Drip Campaigns

    By rotating sender email accounts and scheduling limited emails strategically, it mitigates the risks associated with email blasts and ensures a human-like sending pattern to improve inbox delivery rates.

    Personalization is another essential factor to connect with your leads and capture their attention. It is also another email deliverability factor that you should add to your campaigns. With Growth, you can go beyond simple first name personalization.

    By leveraging liquid formulas, you can effortlessly create custom emails for each prospect on a large scale. Now, you must have realized that generating dynamic emails at scale is a breeze with Growth.

    Growth liquid personalization

    Growth will soon get the update of the custom tracking domain which will also increase the credibility and email deliverability of the sending domains.


    Of course, every cold outreach tool comes with an automation feature. Apart from initial email sequences and follow-up automation, Growth has an automation workflow setter called Journey Builder.

    With Journey Builder, you can set up email sequences with time delays based on user actions.

    Growth journey builder

    Since Growth is powered by generative AI assistance, composing emails for your campaigns and warmup process can be done with a single click of a button.

    Multi-Channel Marketing

    Multi-channel marketing automation is another added advantage to attract more new customers.

    Having LinkedIn as a multi-channel approach has its disadvantage of platform restriction. LinkedIn has limitations on outreach, connections, and messaging.

    Violating these rules can lead to account restrictions or suspensions, affecting your marketing efforts.

    On the other hand, reaching out to your lead on both email and LinkedIn sometimes can be too intrusive.

    Hence, Growth offers a push notification channel, a responsive customer communication channel for better engagement.

    Using push notifications, you can reach your customers via your web as well as your lead or prospect’s Android devices.

    Growth push notifications

    Apart from push notifications, you can also use the sign-up forms feature either as a website embeds or pop-ups to collect lead information. This is one of the unique feature of Growth which all other competitors are lacking.


    Currently, Growth has Zapier, Pabbly, WooCommerce, and Shopify integrations.

    It also has native integration support for Optinly, an advanced drag-and-drop website popup builder.

    Growth has a promising roadmap for integration to make the cold outreach software more powerful with leading CRM and other email marketing tools.

    Here’s a sneak peek of Growth’s upcoming integrations:

    CRM: HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, Close.io

    Email Marketing Automation: Mailchimp

    Workflow management: Airtable

    Productivity: Notion, Slack,

    Project management: Monday, Asana, ClickUp Software

    Lead enrichment: Leadfeeder, Clearout, Pharow, and 30 more integrations.

    Pros of GoZen Growth

  • The presence of all essential features even in the free plan

  • Intuitive interface including campaign management

  • Good numbers of sender email accounts and sending domain support in all plans

  • Smart drip campaigns with smart scheduling for both reach-out and follow-ups

  • Warmup pool with real-human email accounts

  • 2 in 1 tool that is engineered to support email marketing and cold outreach

  • CRM integration via Zapier and Pabbly

  • WooCoomerce and Shopify integrations

  • Email open and click tracking even in the free plan

  • Unlimited sequence automation

  • Cons of GoZen Growth

  • Except for Zapier, Pabbly, and Shopify, other integrations are in the roadmap (However, you can expect 40+ integrations gradually in the upcoming months)

  • Absence of lead database

  • GoZen Growth Pricing

    GoZen Growth pricing is the most affordable and value for money. We made everything free for your cold email outreach success.

    Free PlanStarter - $9/ monthEssential - $25/ monthProfessional - $99/ month
    Storage of 200 lead contactsStorage of 500 lead contactsStorage of 500 lead contactsStorage of 500 lead contacts
    200 emails sendUnlimited emails sendUnlimited emails sendUnlimited emails send
    1 user3 users5 users10 users
    1 email sender account5 email sender accounts15 email sender accounts50 email sender accounts
    2 sending domains5 sending domains10 sending domains15 sending domains
    500 push notifications5k push notifications10k push notificationsUnlimited push notifications
    100 emails per month from own SMTP5k emails per month from own SMTP10k emails per month from own SMTP25k emails per month from own SMTP
    4+ integrations (40+ soon)4+ integrations (40+ soon)4+ integrations (40+ soon)4+ integrations (40+ soon)
    Signup formsSignup formsSignup formsSignup forms
    Personalized Onboarding SessionsPersonalized Onboarding SessionsPersonalized Onboarding Sessions
    2 role-based access4 role-based access4 role-based access
    Access to all Automated Customer JourneysAccess to all Automated Customer Journeys

    Voice of Growth Customers:



    G2: 4.8/5

    Capterra: 4.6/5

    Apollo.io is an end-to-end sales platform in which you can look out for prospects, send them emails, give them a cold call, and book a meeting with them.

    It has a free Chrome extension that allows you to extract your lead data from LinkedIn and add it to your Apollo account list or sequence straightaway.

    Pros of Apollo.io

  • Well-segment user interface

  • In-built meeting scheduler

  • In-built task manager that helps to engage with your leads in a timely manner

  • LinkedIn lead data extraction

  • AI sequence builder automatically pulls the precise pain points and value proposition from your company website

  •  Apollo AI Sequence builder

    Cons of Apollo.io

  • AI sequence builder and email writer sound too robotic

  • Limitations on AI email writer, cold calling minutes, and sequence in the free plan

  • A limited number of sender email accounts - only one in the Basic plan

  • Complex pricing details. Essentially, details such as domains and inbox limits are not found anywhere on the pricing page

  • Only 2 number of sequences are allowed in their Basic plan, which starts at $59!

  • Only Gmail and Microsoft email integrations are allowed in the Basic plan

  • Slow and poor response from customer service

  • Inaccurate lead phone numbers

  • Apollo Pricing

    It offers a free plan with 10k credits per month.

    Free PlanBasic - $59/ monthProfessional - $99/ monthOrganization - $119/ month
    Basic sequence automation - only create up to 2 sequencesEverything in the Free Plan and:Everything in the Basic and:Everything in the Professional and:
    Basic filtersSelect 10k new records at a timeUnlimited sequence automation limitBuying Intent - 12 intent topics
    AI-assisted email writing (up to 5k words per month)Buying Intent - 6 intent topicsUnlimited sending limits with SendGridAI-assisted email writing (1M words per month)
    Buying intent - 3 intent topicsOutreach & SalesLoft native integrationAdvanced reports and dashboardsCall Transcriptions, International Dialing & Local Presence
    LinkedIn extension for data enrichmentAdvanced filtersEmail reply & meeting trackingLogin with SSO
    Send 250 emails/ dayEmail open and click trackingA/B testingCustomizable report
    Gmail extensionPush & pull prospects back and forth from/ to CRMIntegration with all email providersAdvanced API access
    CSV exportAI-assisted email writing (300k words per month)Video call insights (up to 8k minutes)
    Custom field to store metadata of leadsDialer and call recording
    Zapier integrationBuying Intent - 9 intent topics
    Limited API accessVideo call insights (up to 4k minutes)
    Salesforce and HubSpot integration with bi-directional data flow
    Video call insights (up to 150 minutes)


    G2: 4.4/5

    Capterra: 4.6/5

    Lemlist is one of the best prospecting platforms that allows you to find and contact your prospects from a single platform.

    They do it with their huge lead database and cold outreach automation software, which comes with an email warmup feature.

    Pros of Lemlist

  • AI onboarding of Lemlist makes the onboarding very smooth and straight to the point. It creates automation workflows and cold email copy with just a two-line prompt.
  • Lemlist AI onboarding

  • Cold calling possibility inside Lemlist with the integration of Aircall

  • Fast customer response via live chat

  • Hubspot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive and 30+ integrations

  • Cons of Lemlist

  • Their enrichment actions, such as Email Finder & Verifier, LinkedIn enrichment or Verify existing emails all cost a specific amount of Credits

  • Cluttered dashboard with numerous guides

  • Phone number of leads yet to come

  • No email warmup even in their $39 plan

  • No signup-forms support

  • Outreach UI

  • The pricing structure is not optimal for small businesses and startups

  • Multiple licenses are needed for domain rotation

  • Lemlist Pricing

    Lemlist offers a 14-day free trial.

    Email Starter - $39/ monthEmail Pro - $69/ monthMultichannel Expert - $99/ monthOutreach Scale - $159/ month
    Only one sender email account linkingEverything in the Starter Plan and:Everything in the Email Pro and:Everything in the Multichannel Expert and:
    Unlimited campaigns3 sender email account linkingEmail finder and verifier (500 credits/ month)Email finder and verifier (1k credits/ month)
    Email finder and verifier (100 credits/ month)Email finder and verifier (250 credits/ month)LinkedIn prospectionDedicated account manager (4+ seats)
    Lead databaseEmail warm-up and deliverability BoosterCold calling prospection with Aircall
    AI-powered sequence creationCRM integrations - Hubspot, Pipedrive, and SalesforceAdvanced campaign conditions
    Custom text variable personalizationCustom image personalizationCustom landing page
    Lemlist Chrome extension (to pull leads from LinkedIn)Campaign A/B tests
    Custom reports & analyticsSender rotation
    Personalized booking pageCustom liquid syntax personalization
    API access and Zapier support


    G2: 4.9/5

    Capterra: -

    AppSumo: 4.9/5

    Instantly is a pure cold outreach automation tool, not 2-in-1 like GoZen Growth. It has all the features needed for cold outreach, such as email warmup, warmup pool, and sender rotation.

    From a cold outreach software standpoint, a notable difference between GoZen Growth and Instantly is the existence of a lead database.

    Pros of Instantly

  • Unibox: one inbox for easy management

  • Unlimited sender email accounts and warmups

  • Cons of Instantly

  • Since it is primarily focused on cold outreach, it doesn’t contain the signup forms feature

  • Less accuracy in analytics

  • Slow response from the customer support team

  • No in-built AI assistance: To use AI, you need the Instantly Hypergrowth plan and to manually connect your OpenAI API key

  • Email metrics of your campaigns not showing once your paid plan has expired (see the screenshot below)

  • Instantly Analytics not showing

    Instantly Pricing

    Instantly offers a 14-day free trial.

    Growth - $37/ monthHypergrowth - $97/ monthLight Speed - $358/ month
    Unlimited email accounts & warmupsUnlimited email accounts & warmupsEverything in Hypergrowth and:
    1k active leads25k active leads500k emails monthly
    5k emails monthly100k emails monthly100k contacts upload


    G2: 4.8/5

    Capterra: 4.8/5

    GMass is a mass email and mail merge system for Gmail accounts. In other words, it turns Gmail into a cold outreach, email marketing, and mail merge platform.

    Unlike other cold outreach tools listed here, GMass lets you run your cold outreach and email marketing campaigns inside your Gmail account.

    Gmass UI

    Pros of GMass

  • CRM integration via Zapier or GMass API

  • Unlimited sender email accounts

  • Easy to use and familiar interface since it works inside Gmail

  • Follow up drip campaigns with advanced settings, such as pause between emails and suppression

  • Simple in-built email poll builder

  • Free link checker, spam solver that tweaks your email until it reaches the inbox, and email analyzer that test your email for SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and blacklistings.

  • Cons of GMass

  • Shutdown email warmup

  • Sequence follow-ups and sender rotation are not available in the starter pack

  • Lack advanced dashboard with proper email metrics to analyze your campaign

  • A little pricey is what most of their customers conveyed in G2 Crowd

  • Lack of email templates

  • I had to connect my Google Sheet each time to import leads

  • No live chat: only email support

  • GMass Pricing

    GMass offers a 7-day free trial.

    Standard - $25/ monthPremium - $35/ monthProfessional - $55/ month
    Work inside GmailEverything in the Standard plan and:Everything in the Professional plan and:
    Unlimited contactsSequences and follow-upsInbox rotation
    Unlimited campaignsAPI access + Zapier
    Mail merge personalizationA/B testing
    Free email verificationTriggered emails
    Custom tracking links w/SSL
    Spam solver


    G2: 4.1/5

    Capterra: 4.5/5

    Woodpecker is another b2b cold outreach software that completely focuses on cold emailing for businesses and agencies.

    It comes with very basic essential features, such as email warm-up and cold email automation. LinkedIn prospecting and AI video for personalized targeting are still in the Beta stage.

    Pros of Woodpecker

  • Agency-friendly cold outreach tool with white labeling options

  • Email list verifier that minimizes bounce rate and protects sender reputation

  • Unlimited sender email address and domain support

  • 35+ integrations including leading CRMs, such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho, and Pipedrive

  • API availability

  • Cons of Woodpecker

  • No pre-built email templates

  • Unintuitive user interface

  • Basic reporting

  • Clueless technical issues, such as failed email sequences

  • Email warmup is not available for Gmail accounts. And is currently on hold for all email providers

  • Woodpecker Warmup on hold

    Woodpecker Pricing

    Woodpecker offers a 7-day free trial.

    Cold Email - $29/ monthly
    500 contacted prospects
    2k stored prospects
    Email warmups
    Free email verifier
    Unlimited team members
    Unlimited email accounts
    Inbox rotation and Bounce shield
    AI email assistant
    A/B tests

    Integrations with HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zapier and use API for custom integrations for an additional $20/month.

    Also, you can increase the limit of contacted prospects with additional dollars.


    G2: 0/5 (based on zero reviews)

    Capterra: -

    AppSumo: 4.2/5

    ReachInbox is a new competitor in the cold outreach market. It is a full-fledged cold emailing software that has all the essential features for a successful cold outreach campaign.

    Where ReachInbox stands out from the other competitors is that with its multi-channel capabilities through which you can contact your lead via LinkedIn, Twitter, SMS, and WhatsApp.

    Pros of ReachInbox

  • Unlimited email warmups and email sender account

  • Spintax generator to create multiple versions of an email to reduce spam filter. It is similar to GMass’s spam solver

  • Wide multi-channel capabilities: LinkedIn, Twitter, SMS, and WhatsApp

  • Cons of ReachInbox

  • No support for webhooks and integrations in their starter plan, which costs $39/per month

  • White testing out my campaigns using ReachInbox, I encountered a downtime and emails were getting timed out during that period

  • The absence of signup forms leads to hard-to-collect lead data either on the website or inside the email

  • Lack of multi-channel support which might cause reduced engagement

  • Pricing of ReachInbox

    ReachInbox offers a 7-day free trial.

    Starter Plan - $39/ monthGrowth Plan - $99/ monthPro Plan - $499/ monthEnterprise Plan - $999/ month
    Unlimited email accounts and warmupsAll Starter features and:All Growth features and:Unlimited leads, warmup, mailboxes, and workspaces
    5k active contacts50k active contacts500k active contacts1 million active leads
    25k emails monthly250k monthly emails2.5M emails monthly (You will end up being in spam if you send this much of emails)Dedicated account manager
    100 AI-credits500 AI e-mail credits5k AI email credits10k AI credits
    1 workspace10 workspaces25 workspaces
    Webhooks and integrationsAPI access

    Note: there is no rollover of credits for next month.


    G2: 4.8/5

    Capterra: 5/5 (based on 1 review)

    Smartlead.ai is another new cold outreach tool in the market. It comes with the same features as other cold outreach tools in this article, which include email warmup, inbox rotation, and email follow-up automation.

    Pros of Smartlead.ai

  • Unlimited email warmups and sender mailboxes

  • Unibox to handle all your email responses in a single place

  • White labeling support makes this outreach tool one of the best for agencies

  • Auto categorization of leads based on their contextual reply

  • Integrations via Zapier, Make, and N8N as well as native integration support with Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho Mail, Outlook, and Slack

  • Cons of Smartlead.ai

  • During my trial, I felt a bit of lag which might be worse in time-sensitive scenarios

  • There is a latency in the inbox (Unibox in their term) reflection

  • Lack of multi-channel features, such as push notifications and signup forms

  • Smartlead.ai Pricing

    Smartlead.ai offers a 14-day free trial.

    Basic Plan - $39/monthPopular Plan - $79/monthPro Plan - $94/month
    2k active leadsEverything in Basic Plan and:Everything in Popular Plan and:
    6k emails per month10k active leads30k active leads
    Unlimited warmup and sender email accounts40k emails per month150k emails per month
    Dynamic IP addressesCustom CRMWebhooks and integrations
    Centralized inboxGlobal block listAPI Access
    Unlimited seats


    G2: 4.6/5

    Capterra: 4.5/5

    AppSumo: 4/5

    Snov.io is a complete sales automation platform that focuses on email finding and verification, outreach automation, and organizing a lead base with its own CRM.

    Snov has four Chrome extensions available in the Chrome Web Store: Website email finder, Email tracker for Gmail, Email verifier, and Website technology checker.

    Apart from these, the vendor has a LinkedIn prospect finder, which is not available in the Chrome store and requires manual download and loading of this extension into the Chrome browser.

    Pros of Snov.io

  • Seamless integration with their own CRM to filter ready-to-convert prospects and create an automated offer for them

  • Bounce protection with in-built email verifier

  • All essential integrations: Zapier, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Calendly, Salesforce, and more

  • Cons of Snov.io

  • Mobile number mandatory for signup

  • It’s a too-intrusive lead collection. They have made it mandatory to collect your complete company information before giving access to your Snov account

  • Lack of important features like smart drip campaigns

  • Lack of multi-channel marketing

  • Lack of signup forms

  • Low accuracy email finder: many emails from the Snov email finder bounced due to the wrong format

  • Complete reliance on shared domain tracking led to their confirmation email land in the spam folder

  • Snovio spam

    Snov.io Pricing

    Sonv offers a free plan forever.


  • 50 credits to spend on prospect search, email search, and email verification

  • 100 email recipients

  • 1 mailbox warmup

  • Unlimited sender accounts and followups

  • Email finder and verifier

  • Sales CRM - HubSpot and Pipedrive integration

  • Database lead search

  • Unlimited campaigns

  • Domain health checker

  • Chrome extensions

  • Custom tracking domain

  • TrialStarter - $39/monthPro 5K - $99 - $738/monthManaged Service - $3,999/ month
    50 credits to spend on prospect search, email search, and email verification1k credits1k creditsCustom lead gen and outreach campaign
    100 email recipients5k email recipients10k email recipients1k+ Service Obtainable Market Companies
    1 mailbox warmup3 mailbox warmupsUnlimited warmups, sender rotation, sender accounts, & follow-ups1k+ Ideal Customer Profile contacts
    Unlimited sender accounts and followupsUnlimited Sender rotation, sender accounts, & follow-upsEverything in the Starter pack and:1k+ value proposition messages
    Email finder and verifierEverything in the Trial pack and:Email A/B testing
    Sales CRM - HubSpot and Pipedrive integrationBulk lead search and verificationIndividual team member statsAI playbook
    Database lead searchAI assistant for email creationTeam permission control and data sharing20-40 meetings per quarter
    Unlimited campaignsUnlimited team seats
    Domain health checkerCalendly integration and 5k+ integrations
    Chrome extensionsUnlimited data export
    Custom tracking domainEngagement notifications
    REST API & Webhooks
    Personal implementation manager

    Note: There will be a deduction of one credit for each email verification and each prospect


    G2: 4.6/5

    Capterra: 4.6/5

    Klenty is a fully equipped sales engagement platform for your sales team. It allows you to find prospects, make sales engagements (email, cold call, & LinkedIn), and automate meeting schedules.

    Unlike other end-to-end sales engagement platforms, you need to pay separately for each of their solutions.

    Pros of Klenty

  • Personalize emails with video

  • Well-segmented pricing details

  • Good template library

  • Easy inclusion of “Unsubscribe” link, just like GoZen Growth

  • Multichannel engagement with emails, calls, LinkedIn, SMS, and WhatsApp

  • Cons of Klenty

  • Absence of automated email warmup

  • Based on pricing, it might not be a fit for small businesses and startups

  • I have experienced latencies at every click that I made inside the application

  • Since it is a complete sales engagement platform, I feel like they have given less importance to the user interface and functionalities of the cold email automation section

  • The response from their chat support was significantly delayed. Each question I asked was met with a prolonged wait, with the message status “seen”. See the below screenshot, for each straightforward question they took more the 4 minutes. I wonder what if a customer asks slightly technical questions!

  • Klenty Delayed Chat Response

    Klenty Pricing

    Klenty offers a 14-day free trial.

    Startup - $60/ month, billed quarterlyGrowth - $85/ month, billed quarterlyPro - $125/ month, billed quarterlyEnterprise - On request
    Email deliverability:Everything in the Startup plan and:Everything in the Growth plan and:Everything in Pro and:
    Custom domain trackingCRM:Sales Coaching:Log-in restrictions based on IP
    Random intervalsCRM pluginGoals & MilestonesCustomer success review - quarterly 
    Email volume controlSales stage automationGoal attainment insightsAdvanced deliverability insights
    Sales Ops:Auto import and exportGoal-based team leaderboard
    Email analyticsTriggers and actionsWebsite Tracking:
    API connectionsIntent-Based Followups:Page engagement tracking
    Zapier integrationIntent scoreForm submission tracking
    CSV uploadsSales playbooks
    Reply Optimization:Multichannel Outreach:
    Email analyticsCall dialer with recordings
    A/B testingOutbound and inbound voicemail
    Engagement live feedLinkedIn and SMS Automation
    Email personalization:Sequence framework
    Merge fieldsAccount-Based Prospecting:
    Liquid templatesAccount engagement summary
    Preview & EditAccount-level execution
    Task Management:Account CRM import
    Gmail plugin
    Email sequence automation
    Account-level view


    G2: 4.3/5

    Capterra: 4.4/5

    Outreach is a sales execution platform like Snov and Klenty. From sales and deal management to every sales interaction can be tracked and managed with Outreach.io. Since this article is all about cold emailing outreach, I explored more about the sales engagement solution of Outreach.io.

    Pros of Outreach.io

  • An in-built meeting scheduler makes it easier to book meetings and eliminates the need to spend on third-party online meeting scheduling software

  • Segmented sales execution report

  • Integrations with major CRM platforms Salesforce and more

  • Outreach has a Chrome extension that allows you to work inside your Gmail environment

  • The ability to sync with the calendar to not miss important meetings

  • Cons of Outreach.io

  • No free trials

  • On-request pricing: lack of transparency in pricing can make budgeting and financial planning challenging for businesses.

  • There are some occasional lags while syncing with LinkedIn

  • Limited personalization options compared to other competitors

  • Some users have reported that the homepage of Outreach.io is overwhelming

  • Outreach UI

    Outreach.io Pricing

    Outreach.io offers no free trials.

    On-request pricing.


    G2: 4.6/5

    Capterra: 4.5/5

    AppSumo: 4.4/5

    Waalaxy is a platform that primarily focuses on LinkedIn prospecting. However, it offers a cold emailing solution along with an email finder feature.

    Pros of Waalaxy

  • Email finder: You can find emails of your LinkedIn connections. Waalaxy retrieves emails from Dropcontact

  • Automated sequences for LinkedIn outreach

  • Chrome extension available to extract LinkedIn profile list from Sales Navigator and Recruiter Lite

  • Cons of Waalaxy

  • No email warmup feature

  • Limited email personalization options can result in emails that sound impersonal or robotic

  • Use of automation tools like Waalaxy for LinkedIn outreach can lead to your LinkedIn account suspension

  • No live chat support: I had to fill up the form and wait for more than a day to get responses for my queries

  • Waalaxy Pricing

    Waalaxy offers a 7-day free trial. If you want, you can extend it for 7 more days. You have to choose their Business plan for cold emailing.

    Free Advanced - €112/ monthBusiness - €160/ month
    LinkedIn + Email features>LinkedIn + Email featuresLinkedIn + Email features
    80 LinkedIn invitations per month800 LinkedIn invitations per month800 LinkedIn invitations per month
    Pre-filled message templatesPre-filled message templatesPre-filled message templates
    25 emails finder creditsCloud based solutionCloud based solution
    CRM synchronizationCRM synchronization
    Auto-import of prospects from LinkedInAuto-import of prospects from LinkedIn
    25 emails finder credits500 emails finder credits
    Cold emailing automations


    If you plan to send bulk emails, ensure to add an opt-out option in the form of an Unsubscribe button. As per Google’s new standard, all bulk senders should include the opt-out option, failing to add this will lead to spam.


    GoZen Growth has all the important features for better cold email deliverability.

    Apart from this, GoZen Growth is the only tool in the market that can be used for both email marketing and cold outreach campaigns (2-in-1) since it is equipped with features for both. Cold Outreach Features of Growth: Automated email warmup, sender rotation, custom domain tracking, strong authentication management, smart sequences builder, and personalization.

    Email Marketing Features of Growth: Generative AI support, sign-up forms, push notification system, automation, and pro segmentation.


    Is email warm-up illegal?

    Email warm-up is not openly stated as illegal. However, Google clamped down the email warmup feature of one of the cold outreach software vendors since they overdid it. Hence, it is important to stay within the limit regarding email warmup. Cold outreach software like GoZen Growth smartly handles the warmup process with human-like conversations and limited communications per day, which mimics the human sending frequency.

    Also, Growth uses IMAP instead of Google API for email warmups. So, there is no risk of violating the API rules.

    What is the difference between cold outreach and cold emailing?

    While both cold outreach and cold emailing refer to the act of initiating contact with potential leads or prospects who have had no prior interaction with your business or brand, they have distinct differences.

    Cold outreach is a broader term that encompasses various methods of reaching out to potential leads, while cold emailing specifically refers to the strategy of initiating contact through email without prior permission or relationship with the recipient.

    The cold outreach includes various methods such as cold calling, cold emailing, social media outreach, direct mail, etc.

    The cold emailing is typically emails sent to introduce your offering, share information, or request a meeting or call with the recipient.

    How to avoid email going to spam?

    To stop emails from going to spam, you should use cold outreach software that has features, such as email warmup, sender rotation, smart sequences automation, personalization, and custom domain tracking.

    What is GoZen Growth

    10X your sales and revenue

    Organically with GoZen's AI-powered Organic growth platforms. Generate Original & engaging AI content. Turn your traffic into leads. Understand customers. Automate your revenue generation.

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