Cold email templates for better lead generation

Cold email templates for better lead generation

Aadhithyan S | 6 Min Read

There has been a tremendous change in how communication works ever since social media took over our lives in every aspect. But emails have remained unopposed as a primary means of online communication, even in the 2020s. It is estimated that a whopping 3 billion emails are sent every day. Emails are doing well and are not going anywhere.

Cold emails, are they hit or miss, or are they a surefire way to grow your clientele and convert prospects into customers? From the outset, cold emails seem like a hard way to get started but statistics speak otherwise. For every dollar spent on email marketing, it gives a return on investment of $42 and this includes cold emails. Now that we have established that, let us get into the subject of this blog which is to write and run effective cold emails that bring more leads and customers to your business.

Cold emails are sent for a lot of use cases and I have gathered some popular scenarios and provided example templates for them.

Subject line: Can you point me in the right way?

Hi [First Name],

I have a quick question for you. I want you to have the advantage of {an increase in sales/reduced cost etc} and I am not sure who is the right person to talk to in your company regarding {the topic of conversation}.

I’d appreciate it if you can point me the way so we can work on this together.


{Your Name}

Subject line: {mutual acquintance} suggested that I reach out to you.

Hello {First name},

I was just talking with {mutual acquintance} about {pain points} and he pointed me to your firm and how your productivity has been taking a hit because of it.

I work for {company name} and our product {product name} is optimized in solving {pain points}. (mutual acquaintance} told me that you are the right person to talk to regarding this.

Can we have a quick chat about this on call this week?

Or just send me an email of which time works best for you and I’ll ring you up.


{Your name}

Subject line: Looking for the right person to talk about {pitch idea}

Dear {first name},

I have been studying the performance of {prospect’s company} and I realize that you would find {pitch idea} helpful in remedying { prospect’s pain points}.

If you are the right person to discuss this, can I interest you in a quick chat this Friday? If not, could you please point me to the right person for this conversation?

Many thanks,

{Your name}

Subject line: {Company} X {Company}


I am {name} from {company name} {acquintance} referred you to me as a good fit to collaborate and {company} and {prospect company} have good sync to work together for mutual benefits. We have {benefit} that will reduce {prospect pain point} and I think will be of great addition to {prospect product}

This week, do you have some time to discuss a highly beneficial relationship collaboration between our firms?


{Your Name}

Subject line: Have you tried {pitch idea} at {prospective company}

Hello {first name},

I would like to talk to the right person at your company about {pitch idea} Would you show me the person so that I can discuss this further with them?


Subject line: {pain point}

Hi {prospect name}

I am {name} speaking on behalf of {company}. We recently helped {peer company} with {pain point}, and I think your company would also benefit from {service to solve pain point}.

Would you like to discuss this over a cup of coffee? It is on me!


Subject line: {conversation starter} contact

Hi {first name}

I was studying your company to see whether you need {a pain point solution}. Who is the right person to talk to regarding this?


Subject line: {first name}, you have a fantastic product

Hi {first name},

I like the responsive design and ease of use of {prospect’s product}. I want to talk about {proposal} with someone in your company.

Please let me know the right person so we can work together to make your product even greater with {proposal}.


Subject line: Getting in touch with {decision maker}?

Hi { first name},

I want to get in touch with {decision maker} at your company as we have non competing products, we could aid each other in our marketing campaigns and increase reach. Can you put me in touch with {decision maker}?

Speak soon,

Sub: {first name}, reduce your {process} cost

Our product helps in reducing {process costs} while remaining affordable. You can save {statistic estimate} with our product.

Would you like to have a chat over a call about this? Looking forward,

_________________________________________________________________________ __

Subject line: {{FirstName}}, need your help!

Hi {{FirstName}},

My name is {{my name}} and I head up business development efforts with {{my company}}. We recently launched a new platform that {{one sentence pitch}}.

I am taking an educated stab in the dark here, however, based on your online profile, you appear to be an appropriate person to connect with … or might at least point me in the right direction.

I’d like to speak with someone from {{company}} who is responsible for {{handling something that’s relevant to my product}}. If that’s you, are you open to a fifteen-minute call on _________ {{time and date}} to discuss ways the {{company name}} platform can specifically help your business?

If not you, can you please put me in touch with the right person? I appreciate the help! Best,

Subject line: {{FirstName}}, thinking of engagement metrics?

Hi {{FirstName}},

This is {{your name}} with {{your company name}}. I just took a quick look at your site and noticed that {{the prospect’s company}} looks similar to many of the SaaS clients that we help every day.

I’m sure you’re already thinking about engagement metrics and ROI by acquisition source, but I’d love to get a sense of how you’re uncovering that data and share some insights we’ve learned along the way towards understanding the story behind your business.

If I’ve got the right person, can we connect in the next few days? If not, who would you recommend I speak with?

Subject line: {{First Name}}+{{Your company}} will be a good fit

Hi {{FirstName}},

I hope this note finds you well. I’ve been working for a company called {{my company}} that specializes in X, Y and Z. In thinking about your role at {{company}}, I thought there might be a good fit for your group.

Our {{product name}} has garnered a lot of attention in the marketplace and I think it’s something that your organization might see immediate value in. Can you help me get in contact with the right decision-maker?

Subject line: Time to talk?

Hello {First Name},

I recently visited your LinkedIn profile and couldn’t help noticing that you have been promoted as {Prospect position} at {Prospect company}. Congrats!

I also understand that in this position, you must be acquainted with all the processes related to {the department} in your organization.

Do you think that {prospect’s organization}’s operational efficiency can be improved through {idea}?

If so, our solution should be definitely attractive to you.

Are you available next week for a quick call on this subject? Thanks,

{Your Name}

Subject line: Achieve {Goal} in {Timeframe}

Hi {first name},

I have an idea that I can explain in 10 minutes. This will help {prospect company} achieve {goal} in {time frame}.

{Another customer} who used {Product name} was able to achieve this in {time frame}. Would you be interested to know how it happened?

If yes, let me know a good time this week for a quick chat.


{Your Name}

Subject line: {{mutual connection}} recommended we get in touch

Hi {{FirstName}}

{{Mutual connection}} recommended we get in touch. I work for a company called {{company name}} that does {{XYZ}}.

In thinking about your role at {{company}}, I thought there might be a great fit for your group.

Our [product name] has been extremely well-received in the marketplace and I think it’s something that might be helpful for you!

Do you have time to chat next week?


Subject line: Loved your product!

Hi {first name},

I found your organization on LinkedIn and think your product is fantastic. Your vision - {company vision } on your website intrigued me so much that I decided to reach out with a proposal.

How would you feel if we can help {the prospect company} achieve that vision while you handle other mission-critical activities?

Here’s an interesting read on how {your company} can achieve that - {Link to blog/case study/whitepaper}

Do you have 15 min to discuss this further?

If yes, feel free to book a meeting with me by clicking here. Thanks!

{Your Name}

Subject line: A few ideas: How can you improve sales?

Hi {{FirstName}},

My name is {{your name}} and we work with companies like {{Company names}} to improve their sales.

I’ve already started looking at {{Company name}} and I have a few ideas about how you can drastically increase your {{type of sales}}. For example, {{how you can help with existing issues}}.

I have a lot more ideas that may be useful for you. Do you have time on {{Date and Time}} for a 15-minute Hangout or Skype call?


Subject line: {{Name}}, {{Resources}} for you. Hey {{First Name}},

We founded our business back in {{date of founding}} which means that we’ve had a lot of time to learn the ins and out of {{type of business you’re in}}.

I wanted to use this as a time to shoot you some ideas that you could implement in your business. I’ve compiled a document of resources including tests that we’ve run on our website and blog posts containing information about our business that will hopefully give you the inspiration you need to get started on the right foot.

You can find those resources here: {{Link to resources}} Cheers,

{{Your name}}

Subject line: Have you tried using {{tool}} for {{goal}}? Hello {{First Name}},

I came across your tweet recently on {{problem you are facing}}. Have you tried using {{recommendation}}? I use that with my team and it has been incredibly successful.

Happy to chat more about it or send over some templates and examples if you’re interested. Regards,

Subject line: Here are some resources for {{topic}}

Hello {{First Name}},

I’m just writing to let you know that our latest post, about {{what your blog post is about}}. In it, I share {{what it’s about}}.

As a digital marketer, I believe it will be very valuable to you.

Here’s a link to the latest post: {{Post link}} I hope you enjoy it and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. All the best.


Subject line: Do you want more information?

Hi {First Name},

I trust that you had an opportunity to read my previous emails and take a peek at our website.

So I figured it’d be worth checking in with you again.

Have you given any additional thought to {product}?

I’d be happy to set up a quick call so that I can clarify any queries you may have on it. What day of the week would suit you for a quick conversation?


{Your Name}

Subject line: {{First Name}}, Let’s take another look

Hi {{First Name}},

Last we chatted, you requested that I get in touch in November. I may be a month early, but I figured it’d be worth checking in.

Have you given any additional thought to my proposal? I’d be happy to do a quick review of it on the phone and answer any pending questions.

What does your calendar look like to talk?


Subject line: RE: {{same subject used in the first touch}} Hi {{First Name}},

Drop me a note if you caught the email below {{FirstName}}; I know you’re a busy man!

I’d love to talk a little bit more about {{your company}}, yourself, and any ways in which we can be collaborating. A phone call / Skype would be a pleasure.

Hope you had an excellent weekend.


Subject line: {{First name}}, I just missed you!

Hi {{FirstName}},

Must have just missed you! I just left a voice mail on your cell. Please shoot me an email or call me when you get a chance at (xxx xxx xxx)looking forward to connecting.

Best Regards

Subject line: {{First Name}}, Free for a coffee? On me!

Hey {{First Name}},

I am going to be embarrassingly honest: I’ve really enjoyed learning more about what you do and would love the opportunity to connect over coffee to learn more about your experience with {{industry}}.

I am currently doing {{role}} at {{company}}, and am very interested in learning more about how you use A/B testing to enhance {{detail from the last conversation}}.

I know you must be very busy, so thought it might be a good idea to catch you when you step out for a coffee this Wednesday or Thursday at {{time}}. The coffee is on me. Just let me know!


Subject line: This {Blog/case study} on {topic} could be a great value add to you…

Hi [First Name],

When I got hold of this {Blog/case study/whitepaper} on {topic}, I got reminded of your recent speech at the {event}.

I felt this would be a great value add for your business and hence thought of sharing it with you.

Do not hesitate if you need more such resources from my end. I would be happy to help.


{Your name}

Subject line: RE: {{same subject used in the first touch}}

Hi {{First Name}},

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve sent you a series of emails that I hope have been valuable to you. This is the final email you’ll be receiving as a part of the series.

If you’ve been enjoying the emails I’ve been sending, then I’ve got one more thing I’d like to share that I think you’ll find useful:

Our {{product}}, which we built to help {{your target audiences}} deliver(s) {{the thing that you sell}}.

If you’re struggling to {{first thing your product will fix}}, or feel overwhelmed by {{second problem your product will fix}}, I encourage you to give us a try.

{{This is where you will say the length of your free-trial and what is required to sign up}} You can try it free here: {{link to your free trial}}

Enjoy, and once again, welcome to the {{Your company}} community


Subject line: What’s next?

Hey {{First Name}},

How are you finding {{your product}} so far now that you’ve tested it pretty well?

You’ve locked down the basics of getting {{your product}} to work for you - A, B , C. A few tips I thought you might find useful.

  • Tip 1
  • Tip 2
  • Tip 3

I’d love to hear how we’re meeting your expectations. If there’s anything that you haven’t found compatible with yet, do let me know.


{{Your Name}}

Subject line: I hate sales emails too!

Hi {First name},

Yes, I’m sending you one right now, but in my defense, it’s because you requested more information on {solution}.

If you’re really not interested in achieving {goal}, please let me know so I can stop being such a hypocrite.

Seriously, every time I click “Send,” it hurts me a little bit. Help stop my suffering and please find a suitable time on my calendar here.


{Your Name}

Subject line: Life Is Great :)

Hello! Hello!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you know exactly how to solve {pain point}. Right?

If you’re still working on that last one, which I know can be a real pain in the back, I’d love to offer some world-class strategies that I’ve shared with your friends (read: competitors).

Please feel free to book some time on my calendar if you want to sprint ahead of your friends (I know you do).


{Your name}

Subject line: Are you ok?

Hi {{First Name}},

I reached out previously regarding {{WHAT YOU DO}} and haven’t heard back from you yet. This tells me a few things:

  • You’re being chased by a T-rex and haven’t had time to respond.

  • You’re interested but haven’t had time to respond.

  • You aren’t interested.

Whichever one it is, please let us know as we’re getting worried!


Subject line: Hello from the other side

Hello {{prospect name}},

I must have called a thousand times …On a more serious note, last time we talked about {{pain}} and how {{product}} could help {{drive X results/accomplish X goal}} over {{specific timeframe}}.

Are you still interested in continuing our discussion? If not, please let me know so I can stop being Adele.


{{Your name}}

Subject line: C-H-A-N-G-E-S

Hi {{First Name}},

I’ve reached out to {{company}} several times over the past few weeks. What I talked about clearly didn’t resonate.

I heard the collective yawn and have made some changes.

This partnership is now about three simple things: Helping you improve {{X area of business}} Helping you solve {{X challenge}} Helping you achieve [X results]If the above sounds interesting, let’s connect so I can provide more information on how we have started a new chapter.


{Your name}

Subject line: {{First Name}}, how do we proceed?

Hi {{First Name}}

I’m in salesman hell a.k.a “Radio Silence”

I have officially stalked you via phone, and now I thought I’d try emailing you. How would you like me to proceed?

  1. Keep calling you

  1. Email you every two days

  1. Take the opportunity out of the pipeline

Just reply with the option number.


Subject line: {same as the first email}

Hi {prospect name},

Just wanted to ask if you received my previous email with some {ideas}. Please let me know how to proceed.



Subject line: High value collaboration

Hey there,

I know you get tons of outreach emails, so will try to keep it short. This email is about {mutual collaboration idea}

Here is how it works:

{A concise, three point explanation of the idea}

What you get:

{ A short explanation of prospect’s gain}

What we get:

{A short explanation of your gain}

Please let me know if you are interested and I’d be happy to get into the specifics. P.S. Visual explanation of the process is available in this presentation.

P.P.S. Examples are also available. Let me know if you want to see them.



Subject line: Can I {provide service}

Hi there,

I’m writing on behalf of {company name}. We have been {awards and recognition showing competence} and I’d love to work with you on {service}.

I believe that doing this will benefit us both and help us generate new customers. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll get started on the copy.



Subject line: {same as the one used in the first email}

Hi there,

Just following up on my last email so that it won’t get lost in the shuffle.

Best Regards,



I reached out to you a few days ago and I was wondering whether you have received my previous email. I understand that you may be snowed under with more pressing tasks.

Waiting for your valuable response. Till then, have a nice time!! Thanks,


Subject line: {company name} X {prospect company name}

Hi {prospect name},

{Seasonal greetings}!

My name is {name} and I’m from {company name}. I’m writing to you today as we are trying to build our network and connect with top firms in {field of business}.

I recently came across your {prospect company} while doing some research. I was wondering if there are any opportunities for us to collaborate. It can benefit us both by {pitch idea}.

If you aren’t familiar with {product}, {a brief and relevant description of product with unique selling propositions}

Would you be interested in working together with us? We’d love to exchange ideas for a mutually beneficial collaboration.

I look forward to learning more about what you guys are working on and how we can best support one another!

Speak Soon, {name}


I hope this email finds you sound & beneficial.

Your {company} shows that it needs a {solution provider for paint point} who has gained enough experience in the field to {solve pain points}. I want to introduce myself as someone you must look for. I am a {role name}. I can help you {explanation of how pain points are solved}

My enthusiasm to work with you is reflected in {value addition} which is among the highest in the industry standards and illustrative of the quality you will get.

Please send me a message so we can arrange a meeting to discuss further the strategies I have in my mind for your business optimization.

To Sum Up

Cold emails are a great way to gain new leads and when done right can help you acquire customers with minimal effort. The beauty of cold emails lies in the fact that it doesn’t build up on continuous and long time courting of prospects, but a sudden and direct approach that helps in converting strangers into customers. Use these templates, improvise and experiment with your personal requirements, and reel in those quality leads with quirky, original cold emails.

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Cold email templates for better lead generation

10X your sales and revenue

Organically with GoZen's AI-powered Organic growth platforms. Generate Original & engaging AI content. Turn your traffic into leads. Understand customers. Automate your revenue generation.

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