Best Email Outreach Ideas And Examples To Expand Your Business

Best Email Outreach Ideas And Examples To Expand Your Business

Hamsadvani Senthilkumar | 6 Min Read

One of the core elements of marketing in business is “the outreach”, which determines the efficiency of your business growth strategy. Probably at some point, you need to adapt email outreach to expand your business, because this leads to new business prospects, influencers, and partners.

This guide outlines the idea of how email outreach works along with the best approaches. Here’s more good news - you don’t need to break your head to create a new outreach template from scratch. Here in this blog, 9 solid email outreach templates are attached for you to start with outreach initially.

Let’s dive in to understand more about email outreach ideas.

What is Email Outreach?

In digital marketing, email outreach is used as a common strategy that supports bringing a wide range of opportunities to your business.

It is the process of finding and engaging with relevant prospects to widen the scope of your brand. This method helps in promoting brands, generating leads, establishing partnerships, boosting direct sales, etc.,

This process may sound simple at first, but sending the perfectly crafted and personalized email campaign with no response afterward is a huge loss of the efforts and time you put in. To make it count, you need to be careful in setting up an email outreach campaign.

Most of these campaigns fail because it lacks a firm process. People send emails blindly to their users even if they are not likely to be interested. This gives a bad reputation to the outreach emails and they consider them spam.

But Email Outreach is not spam, It’s totally about crafting an email outreach campaign to the prospects or users, who are genuinely interested in your content and who can provide real value to the reach out by sharing or taking action.

Do you know? Only 8.5% of outreach emails receive a response, this is because most of the users are on the receiving end of a bad outreach email.

Through this guide, let’s try to bring change by crafting super personalized emails for your users.

Email Outreach Objectives

Most people have this common opinion that their business will grow if they build a catchy website and relevant content that ranks. But that is not the way it works, promoting your ideas and content is very essential to compete in today’s digital marketing world.

Building a strategy that takes your content to the influencers who have the capability to amplify its reach is a smart act that brings more worth. Email outreach is mostly used in the link building process, but this idea can also be implemented for other purposes like,

  • Guest blogging
  • Influencer outreach
  • Brand awareness and collaboration outreach
  • Sales and promotional outreach
  • Business proposals
  • Broken link building

Along with these objectives, it’s also important to understand the benefits of email outreach campaigns.

  • The links you earn from the outreach help in closing the link gap with competitors and it’s also an effective way to build links with relevant publications.

  • It also helps in finding the right influencers to promote your product.

  • It helps boost sales through promotional outreach.

  • It provides an opportunity to establish business partnerships to widen your business.

  • It is also useful for SAAS and tech companies who are planning to adopt affiliate partnership possibilities.

These benefits depict the essentiality of email outreach in your business strategy, let’s go further deep to understand the best approaches to make this work effectively.

Best Email Outreach Approaches you should follow:

Create a list of targeted users

A smart way of approach to marketing campaigns is the key to greater success. Adding to that, segmenting your email list smart is the basis of an email outreach campaign.

Sending out cold emails blindly to every user in your email list could be a problem. It eventually ends up in spam and reported. This kind of approach is not advisable for any kind of campaign.

Email list segmentation can be done in two approaches, based on business goals and based on user interest. For instance, if your business goal is to set up a promotional outreach campaign for makeup products, the targeted user can be gender-based. Or if u have a list of users who showed interest in beauty items then they can be your targeted users.

To achieve a perfect list of segmentation requires deep research in multiple platforms to identify the relevant users and their interests.

One of the best ways for email audience segmentation is to incorporate email software in your business to segment. It simplifies your work and it will be the best buddy in setting up a successful campaign.

Always remember, don’t rely entirely on the software to gather email addresses without confirmation. The human touch in the list segmentation and personalization will give you the best results when you calculate the result or response from your campaign.

Make your subject line attractive

The first thing that a user notices in the email is “Subject Line”. Crafting it attractive is important in a campaign. But it also doesn’t mean that you need to include multiple information and jargon in the subject line.

Keeping it simple and interesting is the challenge here. This triggers the user to do the expected action i.,e “OPEN”. It obviously increases email open rates.

I’ll suggest some of the action items, which can be used to make it more attractive.

  • Increase Curiosity
  • Include humor
  • Add discounts
  • Use statistics for professional emails
  • Use emojis to make it unique

Need a few more examples to understand how it works? Let me help you.

“A Sneak Peek for VIPs only”

The above subject lines trigger the curiosity of your users, it works well in promotional outreach campaigns.

“Publication Name needs your advice on scaling a brand”

It conveys a direct message to the user, it works well for influencer outreach because they can understand the purpose of this mail when they take a glimpse of this well-crafted subject line.

“20% off on your first order”

Including offers and discounts obviously, provoke the user to check the email.

Start with a catchy intro

Your first success will be making your users open the email with the captivating subject line. The next step is to retain them to read your email. This can be done by including a catchy intro.

  • You can craft an introduction with humor, possibly a joke. Humor always attracts and makes the user feel good.

  • Show your interest in the user’s liking or activities. This will make them feel connected to your brand and it will also convey that you are getting updated frequently about your audiences.

  • Another possible way is throwing them bait, It may be a discount or something based on the user’s interest.

Hooking with your users from starting is a crucial part of email outreach campaigns, which leads to success.

Personalize your campaign

The email outreach campaign’s purpose is to connect with strangers and turn them into potential business prospects. A possible way to connect with strangers is by personalizing the messages we send.

We all have certain goals to achieve in email outreach campaigns but crafting a message with a personal touch will make them feel connected.

Personalization doesn’t mean including the first name of your user in the mail. It’s all about researching their interests and using them to come up with a well-crafted mail. Research can be done on social media platforms, through email forms, through different kinds of popups, etc.,

Align your goal to the user’s liking to make it more personal. A touch of personalization will do wonders in your results.

Be specific

In this fast-paced world, people don’t have a lot of time. If you’s campaign is not personalized and well-sculpted obviously it ends in spam. No one wants their email outreach campaign to be less efficient.

To overcome this always get to the point quickly and be specific in your ask in the campaign that you are planning to send.

I know we all have this temptation to pitch your entire sales idea to your users, which is not going to help. Include the relevant points that align with your goals and also the user’s interests.

If users show interest in the campaign, forward your ideas in subsequent emails to make them understand your proposal. In this way, you can nail the email outreach campaign with the best results.

Email Outreach Examples

Influencers Outreach

There are many influencers out there and gaining influencers in your specific niche is always a challenge. Here is an example template for you to start with.


Influencers Outreach


When it comes to higher rankings, it’s totally based upon the inbound links you possess for your content. Here are a few sample templates for you to begin with.


Backlink Outreach



Backlink Outreach


Brand Outreach

To establish new business relationships and partnerships brand outreach plays a vital role in it. Crafting a mail with an attractive brand description is required to gain users. Below is an example template for brand outreach.


Brand Outreach


Blog promotion outreach

A blog’s success is measured based on its high-quality content and links. The best way to achieve this is to collaborate with other people in your niche to excel. Here is an example template for blog promotion for effective collaboration.


Blog promotion outreach


Guest Post Outreach

To build high-quality backlinks, guest blogging helps, because it helps different publications link back to your website. Example template for guest post outreach for your reference.


Guest Post Outreach


Product Review Outreach

Getting product reviews is the best way to measure our success and also our failures. Review can help people understand your product deeply. Sample template for product review outreach for your reference


Product Review Outreach


Promotion Outreach

Promoting your content or product can bring huge sales and leads, which helps in expanding your business. Sample template for your reference for efficient promotion.


Promotion Outreach


Engagement Outreach

Engaging frequently with your users will make them feel attached to your brand and this outreach will help to bring in permanent customers. Example template for effective outreach to engage users.


Engagement Outreach


Let’s Outreach

Email outreach is not a complicated process, strategizing with a solid idea makes it more productive in email campaigns. Always remember that you are reaching out to a complete stranger and you got only one shot to nail it.

Good research gives worthy data that can be used in several ways to make your campaign better. So do research, sculpt the content correctly and personalize it to develop a well-crafted campaign.

Use the above examples and templates to gain more responses from your email outreach campaign.

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Best Email Outreach Ideas And Examples To Expand Your Business

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Organically with GoZen's AI-powered Organic growth platforms. Generate Original & engaging AI content. Turn your traffic into leads. Understand customers. Automate your revenue generation.

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