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Email Marketing Automation - Our Automated Email Marketing Software Helps You Drive Sales On Autopilot

Automate your email marketing campaigns. Personalize and improve customer engagement. Send well-timed emails with GoZen Growth's email templates for marketing automation.

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Customer Journey Templates

Welcome messages to cart abandonment reminders, website exit-intent to thanking buyers post-purchase. Get started for free with our email automation tool to win back customers so you can focus on sales

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Marketing Automation Builder

By using Customer Journey Builder to create marketing automations, you can generate more recurring business, improve customer retention, and see up to 10X as many purchases.

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E-commerce Marketing Automation

Boost sales in your eCommerce site or retail store with free email marketing automation tools. Reach out to your customers at the right moments with follow-ups and drive them back to your store.

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Abandonment Cart

Automatically recover abandoned shopping carts and increase sales.

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Welcome Series

Welcome emails that welcome your new subscribers and convert them into buyers today!

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Win back sequence

Reengage with your customers and win back lost sales with personalised win back emails.

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Order Follow up

Keep customers engaged throughout the journey with personalised recommendations and product feedback emails.

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Thank you Emails

Send personalised thank you e-mails to customers after they complete a purchase with your store.

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Cross sell

Drive more growth with personalised recommendations of products based on previous purchases.

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