Standing on Business

Standing on Business Meaning

“Standing on business” is a phrase used to indicate someone is focusing on their responsibilities or commitments, often in a professional or serious manner.

It can imply a sense of duty, assertiveness, and dedication to one’s work or principles. In some contexts, it might also convey confidence or a no-nonsense attitude toward achieving goals and handling business matters.

The idiom also resembles the meaning of another idiom “walking the talk”, which means “showing what you say by actively doing it”.

Individuals with the “standing on business” mindset remain committed to their goals and responsibilities, even when tempted by distractions.

This phrase aligns with the philosophy of stoicism, which emphasizes self-control to eliminate destructive emotions. Therefore, people who adhere to the ideology of standing on business prioritize long-term vision over short-term dopamine hits.

A Brief History of the Idiom “Standing on Business”

The African-American Vernacular English (AAVE) phrase “standing on business” has existed for a long time since the 70’s. But, it recently got popular because of two celebrities—Drake, a Canadian rapper and singer and Druski, an American comedian and actor.

Drake released an album called “Daylight” on Oct 6, 2023, which contains the phrase “Standin’ on business” in the lyrics. Since the day of release, the album has garnered over 3 million views.

Soon after the release, Druski made the phrase famous in social media platforms via one his comdey reels.

Since then, the phrase “standing on business” is prevalent among Gen Z and millennials in social media platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram as well as in their everyday lives.

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It is also notable that Kodak Black also mentioned this particular phrase in his album “Super Gremlin” on November 2, 2021.

Contextual Examples

  • Here’s an example of “standing on business” for a b2b SaaS represents their dedication to providing reliable software solutions, offering exceptional customer support, and ensuring their product evolves to meet the changing needs of businesses.

  • Another example of “standing on business” for a digital marketing agency could mean they are consistently delivering effective marketing campaigns, maintaining transparency with clients, and continuously optimizing their strategies to meet client objectives.

  • Social media post scenarios: People in social media use the phrase “standing on business” to express their drive and purpose. Imagine someone posting a confident and stylish photo with the caption “Just out here standing on business. This indicates that their determination and focus on achieving their goals and success.

  • When to Use the Slang “Standing on Business”

  • To showcase your unavailability to your friends: You can use the phrase to succinctly express your unavailability for non-essential engagements other than your primary goal.

  • Social media posts: When sharing moments of success on social media platforms, you can use the phrase. For example, “Just closed a major deal—standing on business!

  • Youth and Peer Interactions: Use it to resonate with peers who value ambition and hard work. For example, “We’re all out here standing on business, chasing our dreams together”.

  • Business and Professional Settings (With Caution): In companies with a strong youth culture, to create relatability. Example: “Here at [Company], we believe in standing on business and driving innovation”.

  • When to Avoid Using the Slang “Standing on Business”

  • Formal settings: Avoid using slang in formal business meetings, presentations, or when communicating with higher-ups and clients who may not be familiar with or appreciate informal language.

  • Professional documentation: Do not use slang in official emails, reports, or any written communication that requires a professional tone.

  • Mixed audiences: Be cautious when speaking to a diverse group where some members may not understand or appreciate the slang, as it could lead to misunderstandings or appear unprofessional.

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