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This privacy statement explains how GoZen Forms handles your personal information and data, and it applies to all of GoZen.io’s products, services, and websites. In this policy, GoZen.io products, services, and websites are referred to collectively as “services.”

Our Approach It’s fairly straightforward. Transparency, privacy, and security are important to us. We are the enablers who simplify data processing and management for you. You own and control your data!

Registration information:

Your username, password, and email address are collected when you create an account with us in order to create and/or utilize forms.

Billing information:

If you make a payment GoZen Forms, we will need your billing information, including your name, address, email address, and financial details related to your chosen method of payment.

Account settings:

You can set preferences on account settings page regarding your default language, timezone and branding preferences.

Form data:

We store our customers’ form data questions and responses using third party servers such as Amazon Web Services.

The forms and survey data are yours:

The surveys and responses collected are yours. We do not sell or use survey responses collected for your business requirements. We keep survey respondents’ email addresses and the email addresses collected by you. We do not use or sell email addresses against our policy. If you have any questions about the security of your personal information, you can contact us at [email protected]

Form Respondents Data:

We don’t sell or share your responses to third-party advertisers or marketers. Forms are administered by form creators. If you have any questions about survey you are taking, please contact the form creator directly, as GoZen Forms is not responsible for the content of the form or your responses to it.

How do we collect your Data? Information we collect directly from you: Our Commitment to Data Privacy

GoZen Forms places a high value on its customers’ data privacy. In accordance with the GDPR regulation, which takes effect on May 25, 2018, GoZen.io hereby confirms the commitment to data privacy, security, and transparency that the company provides to all of its customers. We have a current Data Processing Agreement in place that explains our approach to GDPR. We recognise that the GDPR will assist us in adopting the highest operational standards and thus facilitating the best possible protection of customer data.

Personal Privacy

At GoZen.io, customer data privacy is absolute. While we will process customer data, the customer retains complete control over the ability to edit, delete, retain, or transfer data.


Customers at any point in time can get in touch with us and conduct audits on their personal data. They can approach the Data Privacy Officer (DPO) by sending an email to [email protected] and ask for any information pertaining to their account. If deemed necessary, customers can also verify their logs to confirm upon specific events related to their personal data.


We promise to use the highest security standards to ensure that your personal information is never compromised.

Retention of Personal Data

GoZen.io stores user data associated with your Service account. This may include personal information, survey data, and other information that you enter into the app on occasion. We will keep your information for as long as you have an account with us. We will delete all personal data, including any copies, if your account is terminated or expires.

Data Portability

As the data owner, you have complete control over where and with whom your data is stored. To export the data, you can use our standard data export functionality or our API.



We think of unique form questions and answers as private information, unless someone else has made that information public. Without our Customers’ permission, we don’t use form data in any way other than what’s written in this privacy policy. We don’t sell our customers’ form data, and we don’t share it with third parties unless the customer gives us permission to do so.

We use the information that our Customers give us or that we get from them to do the following for them:

Give them services and technical support, help them design and create forms, fix technical problems, manage our relationship with them, and find out how they use our services.

Some parts of our services use the answers to form questions and the information from the customer account in different ways. When this is the case, the feature descriptions will say so. In this way, customers can avoid having their form data used by simply not using these features. For example, when you use our form templates feature to add questions to forms, you also give us permission to combine the answers you get to those questions with the answers other people who have used the same questions have given. Then, we may send you and other form creators statistics about the aggregated (and de-identified) data.

If you choose to link your GoZen Forms account to a third-party account, like your Google or Facebook account, GoZen Forms may use the information you give us permission to get from those third-party accounts to give you more features, services, and personalized content.

So that you can use the services with social media and other apps, we may give you the option to send information to and get information from third-party apps and websites. This includes platforms like Google and Twitter, as well as social networking sites like Facebook. When you export and collect this kind of information, you may give it to the people or organizations that run and maintain the third-party applications and sites, and other people who visit or use those applications or sites may be able to see your information. We don’t own or run any of the third-party apps or websites that you connect to. You should look at their privacy policies and statements to make sure you’re okay with how they use the information you give them.

To manage our services.

We use your information, including some of the information you give us through forms, for the following limited reasons:

To keep an eye on, fix, and make our services and features better. We use the information we collect, such as usage data, device data, referral data, question-and-answer data, and information from page tags, to analyse and measure user behaviour and trends, to understand how people use our services, and to monitor, troubleshoot, and improve our services, including to help us evaluate and design new features. We may use your information internally to keep our services safe and running, such as to fix problems and test them, improve our services, market them, do research, and come up with new ideas.

To make it easier to create an account and log in. If you link your GoZen Forms account to a third-party account, like Google or Facebook, we use the information you gave us permission to get from those third-party accounts to make it easier for you to create an account and log in.

To get in touch with you about your account or service. We will send you transactional communications from time to time (e.g. service-related announcements, billing-related matters, changes to our services or policies, a welcome email when you first register). You can’t choose not to get this kind of communication because it’s needed to give you our services.

To get in touch with you for marketing reasons. We will only send you promotional emails if you have told us you want to hear from us for this reason. You can stop getting these messages at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” link in them or changing the setting on your “My Account” page.

Form responders

Personal information that a form responder puts on a form belongs to the form responder, unless the form responder has given the Customer who gave them the form rights to that information. If you want to know more about that, talk to the Customer. The person who made the form is in charge of the data that people send in (the Customer). This information is kept private by GoZen Forms unless the responder or the customer has made it public. Please talk to the person who made the form to find out how they will use your answers. Some form creators may give you a privacy policy or notice when you fill out their form. If they do, we recommend that you read it so you know how the form creator will handle your answers.

Personal information we get from form responses is not sold. We won’t use any contact information from our customers’ forms to get in touch with people who fill them out.

See the section above for details on how we use data that our customers have given us or that they have given us permission to access.

Website visitors

See the information about our website visitors in the section above. We use this information, which includes but is not limited to cookies, customer data, usage data, device data, referral data, and information from page tags, to manage and improve our services, serve and support our customers, do research, and do other things that are explained in this privacy policy.

Your information won’t be sold or rented out.

We won’t sell or give anyone else access to your personal information. We may share aggregated demographic and statistical information with our business partners, but this information cannot be used to find out who you are as an individual.

In general, we may share information with third parties for the following limited reasons:

Your information to the people who do work for us. We work with service providers to help us give you the services you need. We let some of the people who work for these providers see your information, but only to the extent that they need to in order to do their jobs for us. Our contracts with our service providers say that they must use technical safeguards to keep your personal information and data private, use it only to provide services to us, and treat it according to this privacy policy. Payment processors, hosting services, email service providers, and tools that measure web traffic are all examples of service providers.

Your account information to the person you pay. If your account holder’s information is different from the billing contact information, we may tell the billing contact who you are and what your account information is if they ask. We will usually try to let you know about such requests. You agree to this by using our services and agreeing to our privacy policy.

Your company with your email address. If the email address you used to sign up for your account belongs to or is controlled by an organization, we may give that organization your email address to help them figure out who in their organization uses our services and to help them with their enterprise accounts.

Information has been grouped together or taken out of context (anonymized) to help improve or market our services. We do this so that no one can be reasonably identified or linked to any of the information we share with third parties to improve or promote our services.

If a cookie is there, we can advertise our services. We might ask advertising networks and exchanges to put ads on other websites that promote our services. We may ask these third parties to show these ads based on a cookie that was put on your computer when you visited one of our websites. If we do this, we will not give the advertiser any other personal information. Our advertising network partners may also use cookies, page tags, or web beacons to collect non-personal information about what you do on this site and other sites so they can show you ads that are more relevant to you based on what you like.

Your information if the law says or lets them. We may share your information if the law requires or lets us, or if we think it’s necessary to protect our rights, your safety or the safety of others, or to follow a court order, subpoena, or other legal processes that has been served on us.

Your information if the business changes hands or how it is set up. If the ownership of all or most of our business changes, or if we do a corporate reorganization, such as a merger, acquisition, consolidation, or any other action or transfer between GoZen Forms entities.


We usually keep your information for as long as you have an account with us or as long as we need it to provide services to you, meet our legal obligations, settle disputes, or follow and enforce our agreements. Data that we delete from our servers may still be stored on backup media away from our servers for up to about one month. variety of reasons, such as letting those third parties get in touch with you for marketing reasons. If you agree, you can change your mind later, but if you don’t want to hear from a third party to whom we gave your information with your permission, you’ll have to contact that third party directly.

If you are a Customer, you can change your collector settings to decide who can take your form. For example, forms can be made public for everyone to see and search engines can index them. You can also choose to share the answers to your form right away or at a public place.

Please note that if you’re a form responder or Customer who has asked us to keep your personal information private, we won’t give it to third parties unless we’ve (a) told you, like in this privacy policy, (b) gotten your express permission, like through an opt-in checkbox, or (c) de-identified or grouped the information so that individuals or other entities can’t be reasonably identified by it.

You agree to the above disclosures when you use our services or visit our websites.

Some of the applications or user interfaces you find on our sites are run by third parties, who may ask for your personal information. We are not in charge of how these third-party services or apps handle your personal information. Before using a service, website, or app from a third party, you should carefully read its user terms and privacy statement.


We usually keep your information for as long as you have an account with us or as long as we need it to provide services to you, meet our legal obligations, settle disputes, or follow and enforce our agreements. Data that we delete from our servers may still be stored on backup media away from our servers for up to about one month.

“GoZen Forms“ uses and transforms to any other app of information received from Google API services user data policy. Including the limited use requirements.

How To Contact Us?

If you have any questions about our privacy policies, please contact us at [email protected].

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