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What is GoZen Form ?

GoZen Forms is a no-code survey, form, and quiz builder that streamlines data collection. GoZen Forms allows you to develop responsive online forms for every use case, either from scratch or by using a predesigned template.

Over 180 industry-specific form templates are available, ranging from registration forms to customer service surveys.

What is a Workspace ?

A Workspace is like a file-folder in the virtual works. You can organize Forms, Surveys and Quizzes of a certain type inside it. Basically it helps in grouping similar Forms that serve a common purpose.

Can I copy a GoZen Form ?

Yes, we can duplicate forms and also move forms from one Workspace to another.

How do I add GoZen Forms to my website?

When you publish your online form, you’ll have the option to use it as a standalone link, or to embed it directly into your website. Embedding simply requires you to copy and paste the embed code we provide.

I made changes to my GoZen Forms settings or questions, but my form doesn’t show them.

After making any changes to your GoZen Form, make sure to Click Publish so that the changes are transferred in the live version of the form.

Are the form upload limits shared across the entire account?

Yes, it is shared across all the accounts. We don’t calculate Forms for storage, we take into account only the files uploaded.

Are the user limits regarding the entire account or is it per workspace?

It is for the entire account.

Can we add our own Custom SMTP for sending form submissions by email to users?

Yes, you can. We also have the option to integrate with GoZen Growth, MailChimp, MailaerLight and Constant Contact to initiate workflows.

Are the user limits regarding the entire account or is it per workspace?

It is for the entire account

What is the keyboard shortcut to move to the next question?

Hit enter to move to the next question.

Can you import forms from and export to PDFs?

Yes, PDF export is available.

How do I remove GoZen Form branding ?

You can easily swith-off the GoZen branding in the Settings tab, please follow the instructions on this .GIF https://freeimage.host/i/gCLFql

Can you generate a PDF report with the individual answers to survey questions?

We do offer all individual responses to be downloaded in a PDF format. Please navigate to the “Results” tab and click on the “Download” button. Here is a visual representation too: https://freeimage.host/i/gCkJx1https://freeimage.host/i/gCkJx1

In which tier unlimited responses are available ?

Unlimited responses are available from Tier 3.

Would work for selling products/courses - so collecting one time payments.

Yes, we integrate seamlessly with Stripe. The integration works well for one time payment collection right now.

Is the data easily exportable to google sheets ?

Yes, we offer seamless native integration with Google Sheets and we are officially an Google approved integration partner. Moving data to Google Sheets is a breeze, click of a button.

Can we delete files to ensure we don’t go over the allotted storage GB for the month?

You’ll not be able to delete files.

What is included when you say storage? Does it include the answers and uploads for forms or just content I upload to create them?

We don’t calculate storage space for your Forms and Responses. We calculate the storage space only for the uploads by your respondents. You can always purchase more storage space from our website. It will be priced at $9 USD for 20 GB less than 0.50 Cents per GB of Storage.

How do you provide support?

Our support team is available on both chat and email. You can find the chat box at the bottom right corner of the app as well as the website or you can get in touch with us via email at [email protected]

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