8 Tips to Create Product Recommendation Quizzes

8 Tips to Create Product Recommendation Quizzes

Gayathri V | 4 Min Read

Shopping experiences commence with consumer needs, whether a product they immediately need or a product they find a liking for that drives impulse buying.

The next stage of a customer’s journey involves getting to know the options available to them. Some characteristic features of the product are used as measures, battling with a set standard.

The biggest challenge faced by customers is to find the product or service that best suits them.

The question of choice can throw a customer into dilemma, as they fear making the wrong decision which will lead to regret.

In cases as these, product recommendation quizzes come to the rescue, playing the role of an in-store employee who is always there to help.

Product Recommendation Quizzes

A product recommendation quiz is used to understand the needs and preferences of a shopper, to help them make a suitable decision. The online process is carried out in the form of questions that the potential customer has to answer.

There’s a higher need for this tool with the rapid growth of digital shopping experiences where customers might feel disconnected from the brand.

Brands belonging to different industries have been cleverly leveraging this tool to appeal to online shoppers and help purposeful customers in their journey.

Benefits of Interactive Product Recommendation Quizzes

By implementing this right, brands can help customers complete their shopping without bouncing due to difficulties.

They build their relationship with customers who can be retained for more. Retailers collect data on their customers which is used to deliver personalized product recommendations.

They analyse customers’ search behavior and product preferences to customize their journey. This helps drive sales and brand awareness through marketing efforts.

Moreover, gamified elements like quizzes and puzzles prove to be a fun experience for everyone.

Amazon uses quizzes to promote its products and educate its customers by testing their knowledge on a subject before convincing them to buy. The reward system is a bonus feature they have come to enjoy.

Tips to Create Product Recommendation Quizzes

Product recommendations are precursors to quizzes, which are used by 71% of ecommerce websites according to stats. To be on par with your competitors, it is best recommended to implement this on your websites.

Here are some tips to create an effective product recommendation quiz that may be going a step ahead of your competitors.

1. Use Automated Tools like GoZen Engage Platforms offering automated templates can be used to generate the quizzes you seek.

GoZen Engage has a wide array of options to choose from. The pre-made templates are customizable and easier to configure.

It helps tailor your quizzes according to your brand’s interests. It is one of the fastest platforms out there in the market.

2. Know Your Target Audience and Demands

Knowing your target audience is an important task for any business.

As their demands and needs vary, so do their product recommendation quiz templates.

Within the beauty and cosmetics industry, a skincare product recommendation quiz may focus on selecting the right products based on the customer’s skin type.

Collecting information on the audience will help segment them and decide responses or outcomes.

3. A Few Questions Better Than Greater Numbers

Having more than 10 questions may lead to customers dropping the quiz. An optimal number of 5 is advised by experts.

Likewise, using short-form questions that are concise and up to the point is bound to get more engagement. Avoid jargon and technical language.

4. Use Images and User-friendly Design to Appeal

Images and the overall design of your template determine whether it provides a smooth journey to the customers. It appeals to them and makes them see through the end of the quiz.

Gozen Engage offers simple and beautiful templates that are flexible and user-friendly.

You can customize the appearance with background choices and add static fields like buttons, logos, titles, descriptions, email input, YouTube videos, and audio anytime.

5. Show a Progress Bar and Timer

As saving your customer’s time is a priority, you can help them navigate and use a progress bar. It signifies their progress and can pick up from where they left off if closed by chance.

Timers are also used to complete a quiz within its stipulated time.

6. Lead Generation

One of the key purposes of an interactive quiz is to collect information on your customers, beginning from their email. With little effort, you can include them in your email listings as part of lead generation strategy.

7. Prepare the Next Action

The last stage of this journey is to generate outcomes by recommending one or more products. It is essential to predetermine the next desired customer action which can be sign-ups or adding to the cart.

This acts as the CTA to your customer’s journey.

8. Shareability and Promotion

Shareability features allow customers to share their results on social media, which will promote your quiz. Moreover, experts suggest sharing on your socials like your Instagram handle and X using hashtags.

Marketers can send quiz invitations to their mailing lists. Partnering with influencers and creators is also suggested to expand your audience base.


Where can we use the product recommendation quizzes?

Product Recommendation Quizzes can be embedded in webpages and generated in apps as per your needs. It can be used by any industry for its marketing efforts using plenty of tools available out there.

How to implement product recommendation quizzes?

Select the best platform that offers templates relevant to your industry goals and use them to create your quiz. Publish them on your website or apps.

Platforms like GoZen Engage, allow integrating marketing and CRM tools and connect to other apps. Follow the metrics provided to assess how well your campaign is performing.

How to use GoZen Engage to create product recommendation quizzes?

  • Sign up to GoZen and log in to your account.

  • Select your industry and the element you’d like to embed in your sites (Quiz) from the Template Gallery

  • Pick the right template that defines your goals and customize it with your questions and images.

  • Set the final action for sign-up or product recommendation.

  • Publish after making sure your quiz is ready through Preview.
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    8 Tips to Create Product Recommendation Quizzes

    10X your sales and revenue

    Organically with GoZen's AI-powered Organic growth platforms. Generate Original & engaging AI content. Turn your traffic into leads. Understand customers. Automate your revenue generation.

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