6 Best Ways to Collect Customer Feedback + FREE Tools Inside

6 Best Ways to Collect Customer Feedback + FREE Tools Inside

Abhinayaa Nachimuthu | 6 Min Read

In today’s marketplace, everyone looks for recommendations or reviews for product purchases.

As a result, companies have started displaying their loyal customer’s feedback on their website or apps, turning them into their brand advocates.

So, collecting customer feedback isn’t just a formality – it reflects a company’s authenticity and quality. It helps build trust and a positive first impression.

If you’re a business owner, big or small, don’t underestimate the power of customer feedback.

It matters.

Join me in this blog to explore why customer feedback is crucial and discover the ways businesses, regardless of size, can use it to strengthen their products and customer base.

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What is Customer feedback?

Customer feedback refers to the pain points, opinions, and expectations that customers share about their experience with a product/service or company.

Why Collect Customer Feedback?

Customer feedback plays a prominent role in impacting your business growth and sales.

To deliver an unparalleled customer experience, you must first understand your customers’ needs.

To analyze this, you must research customer feedback, likes, dislikes, and the effort required to use your product.

Crafting a product with the customer’s preference helps you evolve your business in the future.

Customer feedback allows you to

  • Create a quality product

  • Identify areas of improvement

  • Retain happy customers.

  • Customer Feedback Strategy

    A glimpse of how a customer feedback strategy works :

  • Ask for feedback from your customers

  • Categorize it based on your business goals

  • Take action to solve the feedback

  • Follow up with customers to let them know their input was heard and implemented.

  • Methods for Collecting Customer Feedback

    Busy customers can be challenging to engage, but we’ve got you covered! Our research has found the most effective and enjoyable ways to get quick feedback.

  • Survey

  • Feedback Form

  • Email

  • Social Media

  • Customer Support Chatbot

  • Customer Interviews

  • Survey

    Surveys are a set of questions designed to collect honest feedback from customers. They should be short, simple, and targeted.

    Types Of Surveys :

    Customer Satisfactory Survey: Asks about customer satisfaction level with the product.

    Net Promoter Score: Rate how likely customers are to recommend your product on a scale of 1 to 10.


    Customer Effort Score: Measures the effort customers put into using your product.

    Exit- survey Popups: Captures the reason for cart abandonment.

    Feedback Forms :

    Feedback forms are an efficient way to get direct insight into customer opinions. The key to using them effectively is strategically placing them on your website or platform and asking engaging questions that encourage meaningful interaction.

    We can identify the underperforming pages by utilizing feedback forms and focusing on improving them.


    Ways of Collecting Feedback Forms:

  • To capture their immediate and natural response, you can place it on the touchpoints of your website.

  • Embedding an exit page feedback form encourages customers to leave a comprehensive product review.

  • Emails:

    Emails are a standard tool used by marketers to connect with their customers. Sending targeted emails, especially post-product purchases or cart abandonment, can attract holistic customer feedback.

    Before sending your emails, testing them with a colleague using an email marketing tool is recommended.

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    Here are the steps for collecting email customer feedback:

    1. Frame the perfect timing

    2. Customize the email subject line accordingly for targeted customers

    3. Write an engaging and appealing email that grabs the customer’s attention.

    Social Media:

    It allows businesses to obtain unfiltered feedback from customers in the form of comments, polls, reviews, likes, dislikes, and ratings.


    Following a soft launch of one of our products, we engaged our audience through an “Ask Me a Question” survey.

    The responses we received were like discovering hidden gems. They were invaluable feedback that helped us identify and fix bugs and set us on the right course for further improvements—clearly demonstrating the significant impact that feedback on social media can have.

    Customer Support Chatbot:

    Support chatbots provide customers with 24/7 assistance, efficiently resolving their inquiries.

    We can seamlessly analyze customer issues by integrating support bots on your website.

    When customers engage with the bot, their questions and concerns are addressed without requiring a direct inquiry, making the interaction smoother and more efficient.

    Customer Interviews:

    Interacting with customers can provide valuable insights into their pain points and detailed experiences.

    Preparing for the interview beforehand is essential to conducting a natural flow of conversation and gathering more comprehensive information.

    For instance, making phone calls to customers and asking about their experience with our product would enable us to analyze their struggles and make them feel appreciated.

    Additionally, technological tools such as voice transcription services can help analyze and organize the information gathered during these discussions.

    How Can Engage and Forms Come in Handy?

    Gozen Engage is an all-in-one gamification platform that allows you to create surveys, polls, and quizzes without coding knowledge. It comes with over 1000 pre-built and customizable templates for you to explore.

    On the other hand, Gozen Forms is a platform that offers over 180 industry-specified templates to create online forms and surveys quickly.

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    Check out the free plans and generate fun and engaging customer feedback in under a minute.


    Each method has strengths and weaknesses; combining and implementing multiple methods would give you a detailed understanding of customer perspectives.

    Remember, customer feedback is the key to your business’s success, and you cannot afford to ignore it.


    1. What type of feedback is most helpful?

    Honest feedback helps businesses grow. Share your experience, good or bad!

    2. Do companies read and use feedback?

    Most businesses value customer feedback because it improves product quality and user experience.

    3. Is there a quick way to give feedback?

    Many companies use emoji scales, pop-up surveys, or social media polls for fast and straightforward feedback. Every feedback counts!

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    6 Best Ways to Collect Customer Feedback + FREE Tools Inside

    10X your sales and revenue

    Organically with GoZen's AI-powered Organic growth platforms. Generate Original & engaging AI content. Turn your traffic into leads. Understand customers. Automate your revenue generation.

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