Quiz Funnel: What is It, Benefits, and Real-World Success Stories

Quiz Funnel: What is It, Benefits, and Real-World Success Stories

Gowtham Raj | 5 Min Read

Capturing attention in this world of people with short attention spans must be daunting for every marketer.

How can you collect leads and their insights without capturing user attention and improving engagement?

Without user intent, how can a marketer strategize commendable marketing plans?

If you have struck into this maze of capturing your audience’s attention, you can come out of it with gamification.

Gamification of content refers to the inclusion of gamified elements in marketing assets, such as different types of quizzes and surveys.

The main purpose of gamification in marketing is not to give your leads a feeling of being marketed.

This article will explain how you can use a quiz funnel as an alternative to your old lead acquisition funnel for both b2b and b2c entities.

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Quiz Funnel

A quiz funnel or quiz marketing funnel is a gamified marketing strategy that uses interactive quizzes to guide potential customers through a series of questions or assessments. It ultimately leads them toward a specific product, service, or marketing outcome.

The three main steps of quiz funnel marketing are:

  • engage users
  • collect valuable information about their preferences
  • convert them to leads or customers

  • Benefits of Adding Quiz Funnels to Your Marketing Strategy

    The goal of the quiz funnel is similar to the conventional marketing and sales funnels, as it aims to guide potential customers through a structured process leading to a desired outcome.

    Let’s look at the benefits of Quiz Funnels:

    • Makes Lead Generation Fun

    Traditional lead generation techniques can be boring sometimes, especially when dealing with the Gen Z generation. Moreover, it gives a sense of intrusion for the lead since you ask for the zero-party data straightaway.

    In the quiz funnel approach, you make them comfortable before collecting the essential marketing information. This strategic shift significantly enhances the likelihood of securing reliable customer data.

    Moreover, the quiz funnel leverages the innate human desire for fun, self-expression, and validation. As a result, the engagement rates on your quiz funnel are poised to soar, contributing to a more effective lead-generation strategy.

    • Gives Real Value to Your Audience

    Static content offers either zero or one-time value to your leads. On the other hand, interactive content like product recommendation quizzes and calculators offer real value instantly and solve their problems again and again.

    This can lead to brand awareness, capture attention, and create a positive impression that encourages users to move through the funnel, fostering brand loyalty.

    • Smooth Collection of Zero-Party Data

    Quiz funnels allow you to smoothly penetrate your lead’s mind and collect more personalized data, such as user preferences, purchase intentions, and personal context. While your competitors struggling to get your lead’s name and email address, you can effortlessly collect invaluable zero-party data with the help of gamification.

    Since you get accurate zero-party data via the quiz funnel, you can gain valuable insights. Audience insights are what fuels almost every business, particularly ecommerce.

    Based on unique insights, you can segment your audience with precision, thus leading to provide hyper-personalized customer experience.

    • Improve ROAS with Quiz

    A well-designed quiz funnel can contribute to improving Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing efforts, such as:

  • Personalized advertising
  • Optimized ad copy with creative elements
  • Tailored product recommendations

  • Attract More Website Traffic

    While it may initially seem peculiar to some, the reality is undeniable. If done right, quizzes can drive millions of traffic to your website. Read further to see the real-world example of how some brands drive millions of traffic to their websites.

    If your quiz is particularly entertaining, insightful, or relevant to a broad audience, it has the potential to go viral.

    Use Cases of Quiz Funnels and Real-World Success Stories

    Quiz to Attract Traffic

    As mentioned above, quizzes transform the lead-generation process into an interactive and enjoyable experience, leveraging gamification to encourage active participation.

    To make the lead generation process more natural and gamified, infuse topic-oriented quizzes, such as digital marketing quizzes, social media marketing knowledge quizzes, etc. or personality quizzes, and food quizzes into your marketing strategy.

    Let’s delve into a real-world example featuring BuzzFeed, one of the popular American Internet media companies.


    Let me tell you what you are not aware of. According to Similarweb, BuzzFeed has been getting monthly traffic of over 85 million. Most of them are users from the age group of 18-34.

    Do you know what’s the secret behind this?

    Well, it’s none other than “BuzzFeed Quizzes”. Yes, this particular keyword alone drives millions of website traffic per year.

    GKP BuzzFeed

    If you see the above screenshot, you will come to know how the primary keyword “BuzzFeed Quizzes” and other semantic keywords drive millions of traffic to BuzzFeed every year.

    Now, you must have understood the importance of quiz funnels in marketing. So, instead of asking the lead to enter their information straight away, introduce quizzes to gain more valuable insights, attract traffic, and increase engagement.

    Interactive Calculators

    Interactive calculators are an effective type of interactive content and they can be used as part of a quiz funnel.

    While implementing an interactive calculator, it is essential to ensure that the concept of the calculator aligns with your overall marketing goals and provides value to the users.

    These calculators can serve dual purposes: acting as lead-generation tools, providing personalized experiences and educational content to users, or driving increased website traffic. The latter contributes to improved page ranking over time, enhancing your online visibility and reach.

    CNN is a financial news and information website that cleverly created a retirement calculator, which serves users not only related to their niche but wider audience.

    With the financial independence and retire early (FIRE) movement going on, almost every millennial can easily relate to the early retirement calculator, which gives instant results for users’ queries.

    As a result, the calculator got over ten thousand shares and millions of website visits. CNN smartly monetized that page traffic by placing a sponsored post just below the retirement calculator.

    CNN retirement calculator

    Interactive Emails

    Interactive emails refer to email messages that go beyond the traditional static content and allow recipients to engage with the content directly within the email interface.

    The interactive elements in emails can be a quiz, polls, survey, add to cart and proceed with payments, or any gamification like spin the wheel, find the odd one out.

    Here’s how Gmail implemented an interactive email that allows recipients to change the colors of the wireless earbuds and add wireless earbuds to the cart without leaving the Gmail interface.

    Product Recommendation Quizzes

    If you are an ecommerce store, it is a must-have quiz funnel that offers you the power to collect valuable personal information of your target audience and enables you to instantly deliver value.

    These quizzes typically involve a series of questions that guide users through a decision-making process, ultimately leading to personalized product recommendations.

    The goal of product recommendation quizzes is to enhance the user experience, increase engagement, and drive sales by presenting customers with options that align with their individual preferences.

    Take a look at Beardbrand’s product recommendation quiz below. Beardbrand is an American men’s grooming company that uses product recommendation quizzes to suggest a relevant product based on their prospect’s preferences.


    This quiz collects prospect’s information, such as their regular activities, style preference of beard, mustache, and hair, type of fragrance, and more.

    The interesting thing is they even collect the boozing habits of prospective customers.

    Also, they even collect the prospect’s email address before showing a personalized product recommendation.

    Prepare a quiz funnel for your ecommerce store like the following based on your products to increase sales by giving a personalized experience:

    • What’s My Hair Type?
    • What’s My Skin Type?
    • What’s the Shape of My Face?

    Assessment Quiz

    Assessment quizzes of one of the interactive marketing strategies that are used to engage and evaluate the lead’s biological properties, knowledge, preferences, or needs related to a specific product or service.

    These quizzes are aimed to gather valuable information about the target audience, assess their understanding of certain concepts, and ultimately tailor marketing strategies accordingly.

    Gallup, Inc. is an American analytics and advisory company that serves globally. They have an online assessment test called “CliftonStrengths talent assessment”, formerly known as “Clifton StrengthsFinder”.

    This assessment is built based on decades of research done by the renowned psychologist Dr. Donald O. Clifton and his team. The purpose of this assessment is to find one’s professional strengths.


    Millions of people around the world have taken this assessment and benefited from its actionable results.

    Also, its rivalry HIGH5 assessment test is taken by millions of people including leaders from Fortune 500 companies.


    Well, this is a lot of high-quality leads for both Gallup and HIGH5. Gallup must use these leads to upsell their other solutions and where HIGH5 uses these leads for retargeting purposes.

    Leads will happily exchange their information to get the high value of identifying their strengths optimally.

    How to Implement Quiz Funnels in Your Marketing Like a Pro?

    If you are a B2B Saas or an ecommerce company, you can add gamified quizzes, such as puzzles, find the path, odd one out, spin the wheel, rearrange, shuffle the image, find flow, and more without spending too much time.

    All you need is software like GoZen Engage. Engage allows you to add all types of interactive elements to your website without worrying about the complex code blocks.

    Try our FREE plan and join with thousands of eCommerce and website owners who are already reaping the benefits.

    This is how quiz funnels gamify the lead generation, lead nurturing, and personalization process. Elevate your marketing strategy with quiz funnels to attract and convert more Gen Z and Millenials.


    1. How do I create a quiz funnel for my website?

    Quiz funnels can be created with no-code software like GoZen Engage. To create an effective quiz funnel, you need to identify your audience and choose the relevant topic. Once you have clarity on your audience and the relevant topics, you can implement a diverse range of quiz funnels with our industry-specific 1000+ templates.

    1. Do quiz funnels work?

    Yes, quiz funnels really do their purpose of attracting website traffic, collecting user data, and instantly providing personalized values.

    Brands, such as Google, Gallup, Beardbrand, BuzzFeed, and CNN are a few real-world examples that use quiz funnel in their marketing strategy and reap the benefits.

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    Quiz Funnel: What is It, Benefits, and Real-World Success Stories

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