A Guide to Use Spin-Wheels: Qualify Leads and Boost Engagement

A Guide to Use Spin-Wheels: Qualify Leads and Boost Engagement

Gayathri V | 6 Min Read

One hundred ways to catch your audience’s attention has now gone down to 10 ways to pique their interest.

One of the ways is to gamify your content to hold the attention of an audience that has a million things to focus on in the span of a minute.

In the few content that gets filtered through their wandering eyes, and in the 6% of content that gets shared on social media, gamification proves to be not just an element of action but an element that provides a brief relief to your audience.

It manages to drag their focus along your gamified interactive content like games, quizzes, and the wheel of fortune or spin-to-win wheels.

If you’re from diverse industries, you must be wondering how you can leverage this phenomenon to your benefit.

Gen Z is immensely curious and would rather spend a few seconds indulging in a gaming experience or game-like scenario than wait.

Taking note of this, marketers can gain their attention through interactive features on their websites, emails, or applications.

Let me break down the entire process of spin-to-win campaigns and show who can use it and where.

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Spin-Wheel Campaigns: How Do They Work?

Made popular by live television and game shows, spin-wheels were also impacted by digitization and cleverly got adopted in the digital landscape. 

With a little wheel to determine whether the user gets the prize, it creates hype among the large crowd of anticipated audience. 

Who can overlook the excitement of winning something while in competition with others?

This is the essence of the whole campaign that marketers brilliantly have used to engage their audience. 

Anticipation, Excitement, and Competition underlined by one common factor: emotions. 

This attractive element when stumbled upon by a user manages to hold their attention and immediately encourages them to play the game.

MAC cosmetics won their audience last Halloween using this tactic while they provided offers and free products.

Why use Spin-Wheel Campaigns? Benefits

Traditionally used to entertain the audience, the spin-wheel factor has begun to serve a multifaceted purpose for various users.

Attract Traffic and Boost Engagement:

It plays as a center of attraction to the scrollers as the game announces prizes or offers for products.

Urging the users to touch and spin the wheel, the game engages them briefly, if not for long, yet hooks the audience.

Moreover, it makes your opt-in page less boring.

Nestle’s digital marketing campaign intended to promote its new confectionary and received 2.9M impressions and a 13.5% conversion rate.

All with a spin-to-win game that generated 84,000 entries and boosted sales by 16%.

Audience Building:

Exciting offers can encourage the audience to share the campaign on social media and social circles, which will help reach a wider group and create a buzz.

The immediate rewards incentivize participation from the audience.

Loyalty and Customer Retention:

With e-commerce users specifically, the campaigns can be a memorable event and even help remember the brand fondly.

The enticing offers might suggest a future similar deal and encourage them to keep track of all the events happening with the business.

Ergo, the business would have aced customer retention.

It’s proven a great way to nurture your leads and satisfy existing customers.

Brand Communication With Customers

Brands are becoming highly inventive while communicating with customers through various channels.

Increasing competition demands them to explore multiple touchpoints and tap into innovation to stand out from the sea of brands.

This inventive wheel communicates the brand’s essence and demonstrates its expertise in building trust with the customers.

Best Practices

Collecting User Data:

The moderators leverage this to collect user data in turn for the gifts they offer. It’s a win-win.

The data collected can be used for future marketing activities and learn about their target audience. This has proven to have confirmed sales for many business owners.

Besides benefiting marketing, it helps grow subscribers or mail lists for entrepreneurs and literally anyone who owns a content platform.

So, it can be used by many.


The above strategy is followed by personalizing the whole experience to your audience. Be it through design by including personalized notes to the winners or through brand representation.

The way the campaign has been designed says a lot about the brand.

Spotify’s Spin and Match was one such campaign that catered to the audience’s music preferences by using their history to tailor their listening experience. Landing on your favorite artist’s music will surely release a burst of excitement.

Get Your Objectives Right and Pick Your Target Audience

Before beginning any campaign, having a set of goals can help you see through the end with ease.

By knowing your goals, you are sure of what you want to achieve through your campaign. Is it supposed to drive traffic? Lead Generation? Grow your email list?

The next step is to select your target audience for whom your campaign will be a perfect fit. This depends on the prize or what you’re offering through the wheel.

Timing, Analytics, and Contact

Marketers run their campaigns during peak seasons like festivals and holidays when customers expect offers and discounts.

Picking the right time ensures your campaign receives engagement and boosts conversion.

Once the campaign is initiated, it has to be monitored through analytics to check how well it is performing. It gives insights into customer behavior and how responsive they are to your campaigns.

It is essential to keep in touch with your customers who may have won a prize or simply follow up with a nurturing intent.

Who Can Use Spin-Wheels? Various Industries and Individuals!


With e-learning emerging as a popular means for microlearning, platforms like Duolingo leverage gamification to enhance the learning experience of the audience.

Spin the wheel is another way to achieve interactive learning that engages your audience for a longer period.

Use spin wheel games to make choosing a topic easy for the learners, pick the next skill they’d like to develop, avail subscription perks, and earn rewards.

Human Resources: 

Employee engagement is an important factor in maintaining the engagement and commitment of the employees to their work as well as taking care of their wellbeing. 

Using games is a part of work culture that is not just an intermission from their work but an integration with their work.

This includes playing fun spin-the-wheel games with a surprise bonus in the end, games to maintain their productivity, work-life balance, and develop skills. 

By enhancing the employee experience through such interactive elements, organizations can foster a more enjoyable and fulfilling work environment.


In healthcare, gamification is crucial in motivating users to be aware and care for their well-being. 

From motivating to exercise and to planning your diet, healthcare needs gamification to enhance participation and improve well-being all over the world even in the remotest places. 

It is predicted to grow at a rate of 22.6 % from 2023-2030.

Spin wheels can be used to provide free consultation, discounts on your eyeglasses, help choose a wellness routine, and more. 

Other popular industries include E-Commerce, Banking, Food, Beauty and Cosmetics, Manufacturing, Insurance, and more.


Ultimately, spin wheels can be used by any industry or entrepreneur with or without a sales intent. Marketing campaigns perform well with lead generation and engagement as their goals.

Moreover, creating a spin-wheel campaign has become far easier with automation tools that generate a campaign with a few inputs. They can be used on websites, shared on social media, embedded in emails, and integrated with apps.

Here’s a sample from GoZen Engage.

Spin-Wheels are a game-changer to your marketing campaigns that flood in traffic and skyrocket engagement.


Which app is best for spin and win?

GoZen Engage is an AI-powered interactive content and gamification platform with a simple interface that lets you generate spin-to-win popups with a few inputs. It has pre-made templates that are simple to use and attract users to engage with the game.

Known for its speed, you can easily integrate other sites like Mailchimp and 45+ integrations.

Find GoZen Engage’s free trial and premium plans here.

How do you make a spin and win?

AI has enabled users to easily run spin and win campaigns through platforms like GoZen Engage and Optinly. Select the platform that caters to your needs, identify your goals and choose a reward, find the suitable template to run your campaign.

Lastly, monitor its performance and follow up with your audience.

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A Guide to Use Spin-Wheels: Qualify Leads and Boost Engagement

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Organically with GoZen's AI-powered Organic growth platforms. Generate Original & engaging AI content. Turn your traffic into leads. Understand customers. Automate your revenue generation.

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